Monday, February 18, 2013

~ Guest: Joseph Cacciotti ~

For all you poetry fans....I have a special guest post today - my fellow writer and poet, Joseph Cacciotti!

I started writing poetry when I was seventeen years old and still in high school; I found out that when you put your thoughts into words something magic happens. I'm not talking about genies popping out of a bottle or anything like that, but in how I see things clearer and how beautiful this world truly is.

I found out later in life how much easier it was to find a date in high school. I used to try and talk to girls and found out sometimes I'd get a little gun shy and pass up my chance. Then one day, I wrote a poem for this girl I had my eye on. I walked up to her and handed her the poem and then walked away. Later she approached me and we went out on a date. I found the magic potion to breaking the ice (so to speak) was a piece of paper and a writing pen.

I learned how to put my thoughts down on a piece of paper, which later I put into a blank book that would write my poems in. After I was told by at least fifty or so people that I should share these poems to others, I sat down and sorted out the poems I thought could touch your heart the best. I hope my poems are inspirational enough to help you create your own work.

Poems for the Heart: Joe started writing poetry back when he was seventeen years old, and after entering many contests and winning many awards for his heart felt poems. After almost thirty years later, he was coaxed into writing his first poetry book. Poems for the Heart won an award for being one of the top five inspirational books of 2011, by the American Poetry Society.

 Poems for the Heart Volume II: After receiving an award for his work in 2011, Joe decided to come back with another Heart filled book in Poems for the Heart Volume II. Joe has been awarded several pin awards for poet of the month with his currant work, Joe has recently won a first place award, with the Lone Star Magazine Contest which was held in Texas.   He is currently working on his third poetry book, no title has been picked as of yet.


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