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~ Review: The Paladin Protection Agency Series by Susan Hayes ~

Are you looking for a new paranormal series to read? Here is one I highly recommend you check out! The men and women of the Paladin Protection Agency are fighting to keep people safe from the things that go bump in the night. There are no sparklies here - just kick-ass action mixed with hot, steamy lovin' that will get your pulse racing! This series gets FIVE STARS from me!

The Paladin Protection Agency Series

They started out as cadre of ex-military men and women who found a home and a place in the world offering their services as a straight forward security and protection service. After an accidental brush with the supernatural, they formed Division S, a special task force who offered their services to those with unique problems. Vampires, werewolves and things that go bump in the night.

Saved by Sin: Book 1


Security consultant Sinjin Heath is on leave while recovering from a failed mission. His hiatus is put on hold when Michelle Jamieson takes refuge in the lakeside cabin next door. Ready or not, Sinjin is back in the protection business as he finds himself standing between Michelle and the violent ghost of her ex-boyfriend.
After reading Susan Hayes’ Whispers in the Dark, I had to check out the first book of the Paladin Protection Agency, and I am very glad I did. Michelle is a woman starting over after a really bad relationship, only the ex doesn’t want to let her go. He takes stalking to a new level and begins to haunt her after he commits suicide. This is when she meets the oh-so-yummy Sinjin… Sin is a protector and the perfect match for Michelle. I really love their interactions together, both in and out of the sheets! Michelle needs Sin’s help, but I loved the fact that she ends up saving him as well during a very creepy scene. Susan’s writing style is fast-paced, witty and highly entertaining.

On Jason’s Watch: Book 2

 Jazz Masters is a werewolf who yearns to be normal. When a pack of vicious werewolves discover her secret, Jazz turns to Paladin Protection for help. Security Specialist Jason Waters is more than willing to protect Jazz, but he wants more from her than gratitude. He wants her heart.


I absolutely loved this book! Jason has been my favorite character of the series so far and I was not disappointed with his book. Jazz is a woman hiding a secret life. Changed into a werewolf, she struggles with what she is and fears her inner wolf. When a rogue pack of werewolves hunts her down, Jazz knows she needs help and finds herself in the arms of one hot, humorous flyboy. Jase might have a carefree, playboy-like manner – but when the bad boy falls, he falls hard! He and Jazz make a fantastic couple and I love the way that Jase ‘gets’ Jazz. Jase trusts her, knowing that she isn’t the monster she has named herself and helps her realize that her wolf isn't something to be feared. Their love story was the perfect mix of humor, sweetness and spice. I am definitely a fan of this series. I truly love the men and women of the Paladin Protection Agency series!

Guarding Valentina: Book 3


Valentina Farro is used to being the hunter, not the hunted, but when a vampire marks her for death, everything changes. Aedan Doyle has spent his life killing vampires, but meeting Val makes him wonder if there’s more to life than the hunt. Now he wants a real life, and he wants it with Valentina.

Move over Buffy, Val is taking over! In Guarding Valentina a vengeful vampire has set his sights on killing Valentina Farro, one of the kick-ass members of the Paladin Protection Agency. Aedan Doyle, a member of the Brethren, is a vampire hunter who is tracking the nasty vampire. When Aedan and Val meet, sparks instantly fly and things quickly heat up between them. Aedan is pure Alpha male, yet he is still sweet when it comes to Val. The chemistry between Val and Aedan is scorching…and they are certainly not shy about it either! I love the concept of two solitary individuals coming together and learning to trust one another. This story has it all...action, a little bit of horror and a lot of spice! Once again, Susan Hayes had made me love the members of the Paladin Protection Agency. I love her fast-paced, witty writing style and can’t wait for the next book in this series!

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