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~ Guest: Blind Bet by Susan Hayes ~

Today I have the fabulous Susan Hayes visiting to talk about her hot new sci-fi release, Blind Bet. As someone who got a sneak peek, trust me when I say this is one you don't want to miss!


About nine months ago I won a contest on a blog and received a copy of some book called Under Pressure by Laurie Roma, a Siren Author I hadn’t heard of before. She had me hooked in about half a paragraph, and I contacted her to say so.

Best thing I have ever won in any contest, ever.

These days I consider Laurie a trusted colleague, critique partner, sounding board and a very dear friend. When I had to come up with a name for a spunky, independent heroine with enough energy and attitude to be able to hand loving four men at the same time, I knew what to do. I called her Laurli, after one of the most take-charge and talented women I know.

And then I temporarily blinded Laurli and sicced four, hot, sexy man on her, because that’s what friends are for. *grins*

Four men, three days, one chance to win it all.

Technician Laurli Corbin has spent the past six months on an asteroid-mining ship on the far side of the galaxy. The problem is she is stuck with four hot men and under strict orders not to mess with crew morale. That means if she gives in to her desires she can only choose one, and that’s an impossible choice.
The captain has set strict rules that he expects his crew to follow, but when he and the other three men on board realize they have all fallen for the fiery beauty those rules come back to haunt him...

When a cosmic storm hits, fate conspires to put the crew to the ultimate test. The men are given one chance to change the rules and make a play that could give them all what they want most, but can they bet on losing the one thing that matters most?

Adult Excerpt

There was no signal, at least none that Laurli saw, but somehow all four men seemed to move as one and reached for her at the same time. Hands caressed, stroked, and fondled every part of her and she felt a heady, heated rush.

She let all the sensations blend until she was caught up in a whirlwind of need. Calloused skin and smooth, strong fingers mixed with slender ones, all of them focused on giving her pleasure.
Mattero lifted a hand from her hip and reached around behind her and she realized he was applying a layer of the barrier gel she’d asked for. It was the perfect protection, acting as a micro-thin barrier that allowed full sensation but prevented any risk of disease or pregnancy. When his hand returned to her hip it was slick with the gel, gliding over her skin like hot silk.

Two hands worked her nipples, the touch different enough to tell her they didn’t belong to the same man. It was getting difficult to think, her overstimulated body was demanding release and blocking out everything else.

Mattero drew her down his broad body toward his erection and Laurli leaned over, bracing herself against his shoulders as she slid her pussy over the massive length of his cock. In the lesser gravity it was easier to support herself and she started to understand why Cass had dialed the grav settings down.

The thick head of Mattero’s cock was pressed against her pussy and Laurli rolled her hips, driving him in just a scant inch, making both of them groan. Damn, he was big. She rolled her hips again and sank down a little farther, the burn and stretch warring with the immense pleasure that was building as his shaft rubbed along every nerve ending she had.

Screw it. Laurli dropped her mouth to Mattero’s as she relaxed and let gravity pull her down on top of him until she was so full of him she could barely move.

“Veth!” Mattero snarled. “What happened to going slowly?” 

Before she could answer he kissed her so hard their teeth clicked together.

She was reeling with sensual overload by the time Mattero’s mouth left her, but she had played this scenario out in her fantasies often enough she knew what needed to be done. Laurli lifted her head, clenching her pussy walls around Mattero’s cock even as she reached for Cass, coaxing him close enough she could swipe the tip of her tongue over the head of his dick.

Cass’s breath hitched and he tangled his fingers into her hair as he thrust lightly forward, pushing deeper into her mouth. She curled her tongue around his glans and he groaned, his fingers tightening slightly in response to her attentions.

G’arn moved in from behind and reached between her and Mattero to toy with her swollen clit, tearing a moan from her throat and making her buck against the sweet pressure of his fingers. She started rocking back and forth on top of Mattero in a slow, careful rhythm, and each movement sent a scintillating wave of sparks and lust racing through her veins.

She moaned again, letting the vibrations travel from her mouth to Cass’s cock as she lapped and sucked along his hard length. Grateful for the lesser gravity, Laurli turned her head enough to spot Jax and reached for him, balancing her weight on one hand as she wrapped her fingers around his dick and started to stroke it in the same slow rhythm.

“This is…” Jax groaned and then trailed off as she slid a finger over his balls on her next downward stroke.

“Perfect.” Cass finished Jax’s sentence.

“Not yet it isn’t,” G’arn corrected and pinched Laurli’s clit, pushing her to the edge of another orgasm. Her inner walls pulsed and tensed and she sucked harder on Cass, while her grip on Jax’s cock tightened and all three men groaned.

“Whatever you just did, don’t do it again unless you want this all over before you join the party. She nearly set us all off.”

G’arn growled deep in his throat and eased his hand out from between Laurli’s thighs, making her mewl with disappointment.
“I know, vardi. You are always so impatient.” Garn stroked slick fingers down the cleft of her ass. “You will wait for me, and no more complaining.”

The edge to his voice made Laurli’s pussy pulse and her cream gushed down to coat Mattero’s balls. G’arn was usually quiet unless provoked, and hearing him issue her an order made her hotter than she would have believed possible. She hummed an affirmation and Cass chuckled as the vibrations coursed through him.

“I think she just agreed, but she might just have been trying to turn my balls inside out, it’s fraxxing hard to tell right now.” Cass tugged playfully at her hair. “Nice try though.”

She responded by deep-throating Cass’s cock and then swallowing several times in quick succession. Cass growled something unintelligible as a tremor passed through him and she eased back, her lips curving into a grin.

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  1. What an awesome friend you are! Wish someone would blind fold me and give me the same treatment. Congrats to you on your new release!!!