Tuesday, October 1, 2013

~ Guest: Susan Hayes - Summoned and Sold! ~

Today I have a special guest, the amazing Susan Hayes, who has stopped by to chat about her new Fantasy/Sci-Fi book, 
Summoned and Sold! 

The Summoned Series has a special place in my heart as my own book in the series will be coming out next month. I have been so very fortunate to be able to join Susan in this new, magical world she has created. And so, let's see what she had to say about...


Some of the first stories I ever wrote (in crayon no less) were fantastical tales of dragons and knights and magical beings with powers and appearances very different from humans. Summoned and Sold is a chance for me to go back to my roots.

In the world I imagined, magic is power, and not all those who wield the gifts of the magi are noble of purpose. There are those who use their powers not to aid others, but to enslave them. These dark hearted men and women move between worlds and planes, searching for the rare, the powerful, and the unique to sell for profit. Anything can be bought, for the right price. Anything, or anyone.

Dark magic, white knights, brave deeds and true love…welcome to the many worlds of the Summoned Series Romances.  

Summoned into slavery, but unchained by love...

Torn from her world and enslaved by magic, Vela’s life is shattered in the name of greed. Born of a fae race of shifters, her exotic beauty and unique powers have damned her to a life of slavery. But as a true Feral, she will never allow anyone to enslave her spirit or claim her soul.

Torin is the Prince of Stryx, forced to watch as his father’s madness pushes the kingdom closer to the brink of destruction.  Strong and true, Torin’s flaw keeps him from being the leader he is meant to be. Upon learning of his father’s plans to breed Vela’s fae abilities into the family bloodline, Torin agrees to marry her rather than subject her to the cruel perversions of his father’s bed. 

Worlds collide under the king’s dark reign, but when Torin sets eyes on his bride, her beauty and courage ignite his passions. He knows that he will do anything to keep her at his side and in his bed, but how can Vela ever learn to love a man she is forced to call her master?


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