Monday, November 12, 2018

Now Available...Again - Into the Dream!

The Dragons are back, baby!



Hi Everyone! I'm happy to announce that I have officially started re-releasing The Arcadians Series! INTO THE DREAM has been polished, edited, revised, and extended to around 81k, but ultimately, the heart of the story and the plot remain the same. 

For those of you who enjoyed the book when it was first released, I hope you find time to revisit Arcadia and see what has been changed in Tynan, Cael, Ryder, and Allie's story. For any readers who are new to The Arcadians, if you love the Dragon Warriors in the 3013 Series, hopefully you will enjoy discovering what happened on their home world during the time they were punished by the gods, before they began traveling the stars again.

When a modern woman from Earth is transported to a world where animalistic warriors rule, anything can happen. Join me on the first adventure of The Arcadians...and escape INTO THE DREAM.

INTO THE ASHES will be re-released in 2019, along with the shiny new 3rd book in The Arcadians Series!

Allison Summers is having the mother of all bad days. As a surgeon, Allie is strong, smart, and confident, but as a woman, she still struggles to overcome a difficult past. She tries to make the best of her situation, though her life takes an unexpected turn when she is struck by lightning and finds herself transported to a strange, alien world.

Arcadian Princes Tynan, Cael, and Ryder Dracor have been searching for the mate who will complete their souls, but they fear that day will never come. Born in a world stripped of magic and out of favor with the gods, their very existence is in peril, though everything changes the moment a fair-haired goddess suddenly appears. They have no clue who she is or where she came from...but they immediately know she belongs to them.

When wills clash and legacies are unveiled, they discover more is at risk than just their hearts. Their love may be fated, but is it enough for Allie to forget everything she's ever known and truly embrace being an Arcadian?


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

~ New Release - 3013: KISMET ~


Surprise! I just released a new novella that takes us back the sanctuary in Zion. Trip is a Helios with attitude, who turned out to be a favorite of mine in Exodus. I wanted Trip to have a human female - but not just any human. Not an Elite. A Citizen. A Rebel. It's something I haven't really talked about for several books, so this was the perfect opportunity. I really enjoyed how Trip and Emma's story turned out, and I hope you do, too! 

As one of the main protectors of the sanctuary in Zion, Helios warrior Trip is used to cracking heads and kicking ass. He is a male bred for action, but his need for a good fight is nothing compared to the hunger he feels for the woman who is able to calm the wild beast inside of him.

Emma Rage is a rebel, one of the few remaining humans surviving outside the edicts of Alliance law. As an outcast, she lives in fear of those who prey on the weak, but she’s never regretted the cost of her freedom…until it puts the male who owns her heart at risk.

Fate brought them together, but sacrifice could tear them apart. Is their love strong enough to withstand the secrets between them, or will their bond shatter before it truly forms?

Now available at:

Also, check out 3013: REMEDY by Kali Argent!

Half D’Aire, half Reema, Kylir T’Kari is no stranger to cruel words and mocking stares. Some fear him for his uniqueness, others despise him, but mostly, people just don’t understand him. The way he sees it, that’s their problem, not his. He’s comfortable with who he is. His parents swear he hung the stars, and the ragtag crew of the Storm Rideris like a second family. The only thing missing from his life is someone to call his own.

Tasked with traveling to Xenthian to find an antidote for the infertility plaguing Earth’s women, Lieutenant Astrid Strong first has to find a way to get there. Recruiting a capable pilot with a reliable ship is easy. Realizing the hybrid brings desires to the surface she would rather keep buried, not so much.

But fate is a funny thing, and no matter how hard she tries, she can’t outrun it, can’t hide from it. Caught between a painful past and an uncertain future, she’s plagued with doubts and insecurities, and only time will tell if Kylir will be her curse…or her remedy.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

~ Now Available...Again - Under Pressure! ~

The time has finally come - IAD is back, baby!



Hi, Everyone! I'm so happy to announce that I have officially started re-releasing the IAD Series! Editing the first story I ever published was like going back in time. Part of that journey was fun, while another part showed me just how much I've learned over the past few years. The foundation of the plot was there, but it needed work to make it the story I knew it could be.

With that said, UNDER PRESSURE has now been slapped around, edited, revised, and extended. While around 10-11k longer in word count, over half of the book has actually been rewritten. Basically, it's been completely overhauled while leaving the heart of the story the same. I've also added more depth and detail, which helps the storyline flow better. 

If you enjoyed the book when it was first released, don't worry, Jason and Bella still love each other like crazy. They are still passionate about their careers, their family and friends, and, of course, about each other. The rest of the IAD agents are still intense and wildly entertaining, and I can't wait to write each and every one of their books. 

For anyone new to IAD, if you like your romance steamy with a side of danger, then this is the series for you! And if you enjoy UNDER PRESSURE, ONE SHOT and DEADLY TARGET will be re-releasing very soon. After that, I plan to release CROSS POINT and an all new IAD Series book with a plot so wicked, I can't wait to share it with everyone!

Until then, I hope you enjoy Under Pressure...Happy Reading!

Jason MacBain is the perfect agent. Tall, dark, and deadly, he is a man who lives by simple rules—kill the bad guys and protect the world. Closed off from his emotions, Jason’s control is legendary. He has never believed in love and won’t let anything get in the way of completing a mission…but all of that changes the night he meets Bella.

Isabella Moretti is a famous chef struggling to reclaim her life after barely surviving a vicious attack. Moving back to Chicago, Bella hopes to recover and regain the sense of safety that has been stolen from her. When she meets Jason, she’s frightened by the passion he ignites within her…yet nothing makes her feel safer than being in his arms.

When her life is threatened, Jason will do whatever it takes to keep her safe and end the threat to her for good. As the pressure builds, Bella is forced to trust him with her safety, but does she dare trust him with her heart?