Tuesday, April 9, 2013

~ Awesome New Review: Literary Nymphs! ~

Check out the fabulous new FIVE STAR review of One Shot from Literary Nymphs!


Title:  One Shot
Author:  Laurie Roma
Publisher:  Siren Bookstrand
Publisher URL:  http://sirenbookstrand.com
ISBN/BIN:   978-1-62242-489-4
Genre:  {M/F}, Suspense, Series
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amazon Nymph

Julian King knows there is something more going on in Las Vegas besides Mac Securities upgrading his system.   He is blown away when Tara arrives with the team because he can’t get her off his mind.  Tara only has relationships with the ladies she grew up with and her teammates.  They are trustworthy, but she won’t do love.

The second book in the IAD Agency series, One Shot, is my favorite of the two books so far.  One Shot picks up with Bella planning her wedding, when word comes that saran gas was on the market to three known terrorists.  Because Julian is an informant to one of the agents, his hotel is being used as IADs base in Las Vegas.

The author did a lot of research about terrorism and some of what she brings to the story can be ripped out of headlines from the news.  Ms. Roma is either knowledgeable about some law enforcement issues or did some excellent research.  I love stories that keep law enforcement or military issues as realistic as possible within the context of the story.  Nothing ruins a story with these types of backgrounds faster for me.

The chemistry between Julian and Tara is there from the beginning.  Neither know quite what to make of it as both have always been able to take their past sexual relationships with a ‘no-strings’ mentality.  That is definitely not what happens.  I liked that, once Julian realizes that Tara means a lot to him, he goes out of his way to give Tara the space she needs, even as he pushes her for a permanent commitment.  The sex scenes between the two are hot.  There is a lot of humorous teasing as both staff and teammates become aware of the relationship.

There are a few surprises that show up and I liked the surprise ending.  Several new characters show up, along with those introduced in the first book, making for the potential of a lot of stories about IAD in the future and I am looking forward to reading them. Yes, readers do need to read this series in order.

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