Tuesday, November 12, 2013

~ Sneak Peek: Into the Ashes! ~

Here is your first sneak peek at my newest release, Into the Ashes - book two of the Arcadians series, to be released November 21st!

Tomorrow I will post the naughty excerpt, so keep a look out!

   Raven lay sprawled on the ground, unmoving until she realized that the rain no longer fell on her as it had only moments ago.  

   Without opening her eyes she took stock of several things at once. Warmth surrounded her and the tantalizing scent of food teased her senses, reminding her of how damn hungry she was. She heard the subtle shift of movement close by and forced herself not to stiffen in alarm.

   She knew instantly, wherever she was, she wasn’t alone.

   Gathering her courage, she braced herself and slowly opened her eyes then immediately squeezed them back shut.


   She must have suffered some sort of head trauma in the fall because there was no way she could have just seen what she thought she did. She opened her eyes back up and silently cursed.

   Son of a bitch…

   She was either dead or crazy, and neither option appealed to her.

   What a great fucking way to end her day…

   “Son of a bitch,” Raven said again, this time out loud, not believing what she was seeing as she slowly sat up and took a good look around.

   Clearly the lightning must have killed her because she sure as shit didn’t have the imagination to come up with the craziness she was seeing. Raven had always thought that she had lived her life with purpose, had done good work throughout her time on the force, but none of that seemed to matter.

   No. She had been judged…and it had landed her in hell.

   Taking in her surroundings at a glance, she saw she was in a large stone room, only the stone was a weird shimmering bronze color. Drapes of gossamer silver fabric hung from the ceiling that reminded her of a medieval hall she’d once seen in a movie. Bright blue fire blazed out of large silver cauldrons set up strategically around the room. The air felt thicker here as if her lungs had to work harder to breath. Her body moved, but it was as if it were in slow motion, like she could bend the very air to her will. Everything she saw was brighter, more vivid, and sharper as if her eyes were being introduced to a new spectrum of colors.

   Dozens of tables were set up around the large room. She had obviously landed smack-dab in the heart of some sort of celebration and the room was filled with…

   Holy shit!

   She was so seriously screwed…

   Fear was a living, breathing entity within her as she finally focused on the inhabitants of the hall. The room was filled with what could only be described as seven foot tall, glowy-eyed demons, all with dark hair and bronzed skin. She saw several beautiful female demons dressed in transparent jeweled-tone dresses scattered around the hall, but the females were completely outnumbered by the male demons that dominated the room.

   Sweet Jesus, they were all big bastards.

   The males all wore varying shades of dark leather pants and brightly colored shirts made of a shimmering material she had never seen before. Several of them wore belts with actual swords hanging down the sides of their legs. They surrounded her from all sides, all staring at her, frozen in what seemed like shock at her sudden appearance.

   Or she should say, had been shocked.

   She had seen lust in the eyes of men far too often not to notice the change that occurred in  several of the male demons closest to her. They shifted their large muscular frames as if preparing to pounce on her to rip her to pieces or for other purposes she’d rather not think about.

   Yep, she was seriously screwed.

   Raven slowly shifted to a crouched position where she’d have better access to the weapon she was eternally grateful she still felt strapped to her hip. The whisper of movement behind her in the silent room had her bracing then a low growl had her turning her head and freezing in fear. She was situated at the base of a few wide steps leading up to a raised platform and when she looked up…


   She really was dead and hell had two rulers, not one.

   The sight of the two male demons on their feet behind the head table had her eyes going wide with terror. Obviously brothers, both of the demons in charge were frighteningly beautiful with strong chiseled jaws, high cheekbones, and tempting full lips made for kissing. They were almost identical, with long brown hair that flowed loose around their shoulders with two braids at the sides of their temples. They both wore black leather pants with silver tunics that were an interesting contrast to their glowing golden eyes. Their powerfully built frames were tight with tension and their eyes were locked onto hers like laser beams, making it impossible to look away from them.

   They were warriors, strong and lethal.

   Raven felt her heart thud in her chest as she fell deeper into the intimate connection she had with the two of them. It was strange. She’d never reacted to a man this way, let alone twomen at once. No, they weren’t men, they were demons. How in the world could she be attracted to demons? She was still scared shitless, but she was also…aroused? That was until one of them opened his mouth and growled at her.

   Oh, Christ…

   The demons had fangs!


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  1. Ordering now! Just read Into the Dream recently and then I gobbled up the IAD series. Can't wait to hang with the Arcadians again.