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~ Symposium - What a Wonderful World ~

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my November Symposium!

The year seems to have flown by, and so many wonderful things have happened! So, for this month’s Symposium, I’ve asked my friends and fellow authors to share some of the things they are most grateful for. Read on and see what everyone had to say!

Happy Thanksgiving!

LAURIE ROMA: I’ve had so much to be thankful for this year. Most of all, I am grateful that my mother’s stem cell transplant surgery went well, and she is now healthy and going strong. She kicked cancer’s ass, and will hopefully continue to do so for many more years to come. I am thankful for all my friends and family—for their love and support, and how they’ve enriched my life. I’m grateful for my bestie—for all the late night phone calls, extraordinary inspiration and complete understanding. I’m grateful that I’m able to do something that I love—for being able to write, and share the stories that are in my head. And last but not least, I’m grateful to all my readers—for letting me entertain them, and for embracing the worlds and characters I’ve created. Thank you.

Zoe Lang grew up as a musical prodigy whose life was not her own. She was told when to eat, when to sleep, and even who to marry, until she found the courage to escape the confines of her gilded cage. But freedom came with a price that almost cost her everything. Finding sanctuary in the small town of Breakers, Zoe is content with her new life. The only thing disrupting her happiness is Dante Fox, a dark and dangerous bad boy who plays by his own rules…

A former Army Ranger, Dante Fox is plagued by nightmares of his time overseas. He struggles to combat the darkness within him, but when he meets Zoe Lang, his entire world shifts. When Zoe’s past comes back to haunt her, he will do everything in his power to keep her safe. Can two tortured souls find peace together, or will Dante’s angel only be his in dreams?


EVANGELINE ANDERSON: There are so many things to be thankful for this year it's hard to know where to start. My husband and I were going through a rough patch but we seem to be reaching the end of it. After 19 years of marriage, that happens from time to time! Also, we are about to move to a house closer to my son's school. It will be nice not to have such a long commute to get my little guy back and forth every morning. My Brides of the Kindred sales are doing well for which I am very thankful because that's what makes the move possible in the first place. Last and most importantly, I think we have found a therapist who can help my son get along better in school. He is on the Autism spectrum--classic Aspergers--and he has been struggling in 2nd grade. I hope and pray this new therapist will make the difference. He's so smart--his mind just works differently from ours. I am so thankful for him and all my family.

A warrior sworn to get his mate back or die trying 
A woman under a curse which stole her love 
Rone is determined to win back Kate’s heart 
Even though he has been…Forgotten 

Kate McMillan has a good life and a decent job working at a jewelry store but there’s something wrong. She also has a hole in her memory—a three year gap where she can’t remember a thing. Kate tries to tell herself she’s okay but she knows it isn’t true. Someone is hunting her—a huge man with glowing blue eyes is lingering on the edges of her vision. Every time Kate sees him her pulse races and fear grips her. 

Rone is a Wulven Kindred—feared and shunned even by others of the Kindred race. For the Wulven carry a Beast inside them that will kill anyone unlucky enough to be near when it emerges. Only a female who has tamed a male Wulven’s Beast is immune from this danger. Rone once had such a mate—before she was snatched away. 

For months he’s been searching for his missing bride but when he finally locates Kate, he finds that she has forgotten him completely. Not only that, but his mere presence engenders a panic response in the woman who once loved him. Their bond has been broken and Kate doesn’t know him. Worse, his Beast no longer acknowledges her as his mated female. Rone doesn’t blame Kate for thinking he is dangerous—he is and always will be unless she can tame his Beast. 

But in order to tame the Beast, Kate must take a terrible risk…one that may end in her death. Will she be able to control her fear and face the danger that lives inside her mate or will Rone remain forever…Forgotten? 

***This is book 16 of the Brides of the Kindred series***


N.J. WALTERS: I wake each morning in my nice cozy bed snuggled under my warm blankets, and I am grateful. There is clean water readily available, a refrigerator with food and electricity to boil the kettle for tea. I can breathe easily and the air is fresh and clean. I have a family who loves me, even if we don’t always understand one another. There are many things in life I don’t have, things that many people take for granted, but I prefer to focus on the positive. I am healthy, I am privileged to make a living doing something I love, I live in a country with human rights and freedoms, I can go out and about as a woman alone and feel safe. The kindness of strangers abounds, and I am lucky to have the support and friendship of the romance community. I am indeed blessed.

Sylvie LaForge Dubois knew coming back from the dead wouldn’t be easy, but facing her brother and his friends is harder than she imagined. The way Gator Rollins watches her every move makes her decidedly uneasy and excited.

After surviving a forced mating to the abusive Andre Dubois, having a rugged, dangerous werewolf like Gator sniffing around her is scary and thrilling at the same time. She never imagined she’d want another man, but her bone-deep attraction to Gator is too strong to fight.

Gator never got a chance to tell Sylvie he loved her before she was mated with another and, well, died. Now that she’s back, there’s nothing he won’t do to protect her.

Once word gets out, Sylvie’s former pack will be coming for her. No one leaves the Louisiana pack, especially not a female werewolf. But Gator’s determined that this time he won’t let anyone or anything get between him and Sylvie, even if she can’t decide if his touch makes her want to jump his bones…or run for the hills.


KALI ARGENT: Thinking back on the past year, I realize I have a lot for which to be thankful. I’m thankful for a husband who not only understands, but embraces my crazy. I’m thankful for my children, who know what’s right and aren’t afraid to challenge what’s wrong. I’m thankful people actually want to read what I write, and every day, I get to wake up and do a job I love. I’m thankful that I have a friend I can count on, who never takes more than she gives, and celebrates our differences rather than condemns them. I’m thankful for short lines at the supermarket, the last donut in the box, and my favorite song on the radio. Bad things happen, and the world doesn’t always make sense. So, mostly, I guess I’m just thankful for the opportunity to be thankful.

Commander Ivy Dalton doesn’t believe in luck or chance. Everything in her life—her career, her ship, the respect of her peers—she’s worked hard to earn. When she and her crew are attacked during an exploration mission, sending her ship crashing onto an unidentified planet, her only concern is finding a way to contact the Alliance. She never expected a single, tiny incident in the infinite reaches of space to challenge all she thought she knew about fate, destiny, and…love.

For thousands of years, King Kai Blackthorn has ruled over the people of his planet with selflessness and compassion, never taking anything for himself. Recently, however, he’s grown weary, malcontent, and the loneliness that has plagued him for centuries has become too pronounced to ignore. Then all that changes with the unexpected arrival of one sassy blonde with luscious curves and a dangerously sharp tongue.

Caught in the midst of intolerance and corruption, two strangers from different worlds struggle to find a way to coexist. Kai can’t abandon his people, and Ivy can’t imagine a life grounded in one place. But fate will not be ignored. Decisions must be made, compromises that will change the course of their lives. For no matter which destination they choose, the journey will leave them forever altered.


MICHELLE HOWARD: Thanks for inviting me back, Laurie. It's always great to take a moment to reflect on what really happened during the year. Time flies so quickly and soon you realize you often miss out on enjoying what you've done instead of what you didn't get done. 2015 has been a whirlwind for me filled with highs and lows. Instead of highlighting my lows, I'll focus on my highs. This year I got to spend a lot more time with my family. When I'm with them, I try to block out any thoughts of work and to take pleasure and happiness in the small things. I also amazed myself by getting 5 books out this year with 1-2 more novellas planned before it ends. Recently, I released the 3rd book in my A World Beyond series, Lindsey's Rescue. I’m excited that readers seem to be responding well to it.

Lindsey Ferra signed up for Earth’s Singles Program wanting love, marriage and happiness. She found the first two but the third required a bit of work. Fighting aliens, running from aliens and making friends with aliens all seem to be on the agenda for the day. Her only question now is can she find her way back and will happiness be on the schedule this time.

Senate Leaders Baruk Laars and Zadal Gatar planned a marriage for business reasons. Their wife Lindsey gave them something else…love. Can these two work together to correct their mistake and will Lindsey be rescued before it’s too late?


SUSAN HAYES: This year I have a lot to be grateful for. My Dad was in an accident not long ago, and while he is fine now, the outcome could easily have been far worse.  I’m thankful he’s still with us and for the reminder to cherish what time we have with those we love. I’m grateful for my friends who have challenged, encouraged, and supported me through my life and my career over the last year. They’ve been there for me in good times, and those times when I fell on my face and needed their help to get back up again. I’m thankful for so many things including my readers, and I hope that everyone has a multitude of riches to be grateful for this year.

Rebel medic Ciara Fanning has called the badlands home for more than a decade. Raised in the Alliance, she spent the first half of her life defined by what she wasn’t—fertile, valued, deserving of her family’s love. Now, she lives beyond the Alliance’s reach and defines her worth by the lives she’s saved and the people she’s healed. 

Alliance Elites Dr. Vance Sterling and Dane Foster live for the joys of raising their daughter, Annie. It’s been more than two years since they buried Annie’s mother,  but neither man has been ready to move on… until they meet a redheaded rebel with no place to stay and a heart as battered as their own.

Dane and Vance have dedicated their lives to defending the Alliance way of life while Ciara has dedicated hers to helping those who live outside Alliance lands. Can they heal old wounds and forge a new life together, or will the dark ghosts of the past steal their future before it’s even begun?


JENIKA SNOW: I am thankful for so many things this year. Speaking strictly for the writing aspect of my life, I'm so thankful that I'm able to do what I love, and to bring my stories to life for readers. I am thankful that I have the support of so many incredible people, and that they've told me I could do this when I didn't think I could. I’m thankful for meeting and having friendships with so many incredible people, refers and authors alike. It's all of that and so much more that I'm thankful that I get to experience.

Easton Pope, a moose shifter, is known in the town of Sweet Water as being a standoffish recluse. But he isn’t trying to please anyone, and the isolation suits him well. Even when he sees his mate and the instinct to claim her rides him hard, he tries to convince himself he doesn’t need her.

Jessie, a serval cat shifter, has been brought back to Sweet Water due to her aunt’s passing. With her emotions turbulent, running free in the woods as her serval sounds like something to let off steam. But when she meets her mate in the towering form of a moose, she knows she can’t handle being claimed on top of grieving—so she runs, too.

They’ve both run from each other and their mating. Can Easton and Jessie complete the mating, or will their own hang-ups stop them from being together?


ERIKA REED: The first thing that comes to mind when someone asks what I am most thankful for in life is my daughters and husband. Without them, I don’t know what I would do. Then of course there are the materialistic things in life that I am truly thankful for, such as my iPhone, a good cup of coffee, Diet Coke, Mexican food, friends and family, girl’s weekend with my best friends, my job, house, a good book with a warm blanket, dark chocolate, donuts, salty French fries, and of course my writing career. I don’t know what I would do without any of these things in my life. My life has been truly blessed, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Rylee Dawson never imagined that everything she ever loved would be taken away from her in the blink of an eye, but after waking up in the hospital from being in a serious car accident with her husband, she learns how fragile life is. After coming to terms with the loss of her husband, she is finally ready to move forward with her life. That’s when Rylee’s best friend suggests she takes a vacation to her brothers’ retreat in Montana. Rylee has never envisioned herself falling in love ever again, that is, until she met the McGuire twins.

Cade and Carter McGuire are twin brothers who own Twin Haven Lodge. Trust has always been an issue with Cade, especially after a bad sexual experience with a past lover, so he has never had a problem living the single life—until he and Carter meet Rylee.

For years Carter had been patient with his brother, but after meeting Rylee he realizes the time has come for him and his brother to finally settle down. He isn’t about to let the woman of his dreams slip away because of his brother’s emotional baggage.


TEHYA TITAN: Reflecting back on this year, I’m so thankful for my family and for my friends. Thanks for being the amazing people you are. It might sound odd, but I’m also grateful for everyone who took advantage of me, who talked trash, and who said I couldn’t do it. They’ve made me stronger, made me try harder, and made me even more proud of who I am.  

Warrors of Vor - Book 2

Abigail Denton left home to start a new life, only to have it ripped away in a brutal attack. But second chances sometimes come in the most unexpected ways. Taken from Earth, Abby is brought to a new world to become the mate to an alien warrior, however, her past has left her hesitant to trust any male…

Larger and stronger than most other warriors on Vor, Prince Dracor Krell is the perfect Captain of the Guard, but his size makes him less desirable as any female’s companion. He has given up hope at finding happiness, but all of that changes the moment he meets his mate, Abby. Now, all he has to do is prove to her that a warrior’s devotion can lead to a love that will last them a lifetime.


VELLA DAY: What am I thankful for this year? Wow. So many things. Here’s a list, but not necessarily in order.

(1) The writing community who have such a wonderful willingness to share with each other.
(2) My fabulous readers who ask if they can help ME! How great is that?
(3) My health. Yes I have aches and pains (I just moved yesterday and all that heavy lifting is taking its toll), but the fact I can carry a lot is a blessing.
(4) My amazing husband who has the same dreams I do.
(5) I can work from home, rising and shining as my body sees fit. Living in warm Florida is an extra plus though we will be moving again next year to Costa Rica—to study Spanish and enjoy the sunny beaches.
(6) The excitement and wonder in my life. 

FBI operative, Sarah Osmond, has a job to do—help save ten captive women from the evil Colter leader, Paul Statler. When General Armand sends in Jay Wagner and Riley Bishop to help, she’s undeniably drawn to both men, but she won’t let lust compromise her mission. Having hot, passionate sex with them is one thing, but falling for them is another. 

Having grown up in foster care, Riley doesn’t trust many people, but when he meets Sarah he denies she’s his mate until the intense werewolf mating call draws him in and threatens to ruin everything. 

Jay Wagner, who used to work undercover at Statler’s firm, is frustrated because he has to keep his distance from the action—and from Sarah, who is also his mate. Not only is he determined to bring down the hated man, he must convince Riley and Sarah they need to succumb to their desires in order for the three of them to be together forever. 

The only roadblock? Statler has other plans for her.


J.A. HORNBUCKLE: This is going to sound weird, but this year I’m grateful to be 60. Being one of the baby-boomers born in the 50’s is unbelievably cool though no one ever really talks about it. They should, because it’s like being 16 again—only without parental supervision. At this age, I can have dessert for breakfast if I want (as long as I have antacids on hand), wear mismatched clothes (although the ‘Weird People at a Big Name Store’ FB page may include my photo) or make-out on the couch with my boyfriend for hours uninterrupted by parents or kids (but an unexpected nap might cut into the festivities). I’m healthy (reasonably), wealthy (in the love of family and wonderful friends) and wise (or a wise-ass, you choose). Truthfully? I’m grateful for so many things. Being ‘old’ is just one of them.

A Dragon's Promise 
by J.A. Hornbuckle

Warrior Dragon Ti’eron is dedicated to fulfilling his duties to eradicate the alien invasion threatening Earth and all its inhabitants. The reappearance of Adri, the young girl he’d promised to live his ‘forever’ with years before, shatters his resolve and splits his focus.

Adri is instantly attracted to the young commander but refuses to accept the overwhelming desire they feel for one another is all Ti’eron is able to give. Especially in light of the oath he’d pledged to her when they were young.

Because everyone knows a dragon never breaks a promise once given.


S.J. MAYLEE: I’m thankful first for my family. Their love keeps me going when life gets tough. They bring me so much joy in the simplest of ways. I’m truly thankful for my readers. You keep coming back for more and I love you for it. I’m also thankful for my creature comforts such as coffee, my ereader, pizza, music, blooming flowers, and sunny afternoons. 

Candy Wilson has worked hard to build a life for herself from nothing to something she can be proud of but she can’t catch the eye of the one man who drives her wild with desire.

Brad Chambers has everything, always has, except the woman he loves. When a pitch black blind date at the exclusive Club Blind matches the pair together, Candy refuses to believe what she sees and throws up her protective barrier. It’s up to Brad to tear down her walls and get her to see the man who wants only her. 


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