Friday, December 25, 2015

~ Symposium - Somewhere Over the Rainbow ~

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my December Symposium!

As 2015 ends, we have so much to reflect back on. There have been good times, bad times, lessons learned and new goals planned. For this month's Symposium, I've asked my friends and fellow authors to share a little of what they have in store for 2016. Make sure to mark your calendars, because there are so many new exciting books coming in the new year that you sure won't want to miss!

Starting in 2016, I will only be hosting a Symposium once or twice a year instead of each month. I want to thank each and every one of you for stopping by to hang out with me and my guests, and I hope you will join us again in the future!

Happy Holidays!

LAURIE ROMA: 2016 is going to be a busy year for me. On my schedule are two full-length 3013 books, a new Breakers' Bad Boys book, a Fated Encounters novella, and a few secrets I can't tell you about yet, including a special project with Kali Argent that I know is going to rock your socks off! In addition, I am also going to be releasing my first Young Adult book as L.S. Watts. Be sure to keep up with my website and blog for new information for what's coming up next. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Mya Spartan has lived a privileged life. She has a family who adores her, work that fulfills her, and enough credits to have everything she’s ever wanted. However, what she really wants isn’t something that can be bought…

Alphas of their pack, Maddox, Daimon and Tavius Adaro, have created an empire with no equal. As a traveling sanctuary, New Vega exists beyond Alliance regulations, where the Adaros’ word is law. The three Krytos brothers are strong, capable leaders who rule their world together, but nothing could have prepared them for the little female elite who would come to rule their hearts.

Destiny may have led her straight into the arms of the Krytos who want her as their mate, but Mya fears she might not be a match for the three powerful males. When a threat turns the floating pleasure palace into a dangerous prison, everything they love is at risk. Will Mya find the courage to fight by the Adaro brothers side, or will her uncertainty lead to the downfall of an empire?


EVE LANGLAIS: Laurie asked me what I am going to be up to in 2016. Does LOTS count? lol. Growl is coming in January, my first release with a big publishing house so I’m totally excited.  In February, there’s a new book for Muriel titled Vacation Hell with a merman. Lucifer lovers will be delighted to know I’m finally working on his story, so watch for Hell’s Bell. Starting in March, we’ve got the next 3 books in Bitten Point releasing including one with a snake shifter with the cutest little dog he calls princess. Then in May, for my purple lovers, put on your cleanest undies for Reader Abduction where the alien hunks are after human romance readers. After that, I’ve got plans to hopefully finish off my Freakn’ series, plus start a new shifter and sci-fi one. It’s going to be a busy year, but I can’t wait. Wishing you the most awesome Christmas and reading. ~Eve

Take one deadly bite and, bam, a man’s life is changed forever, or so Caleb discovers when a loss of control leads to him joining the military and leaving everything behind. Now that he’s back, making amends is harder than expected.

His ex girlfriend, Renny, is not interested in excuses. Caleb might have returned but her plan is to keep him at arm’s length. Only she can’t. Her son deserves a chance to get to know his father, but that doesn’t mean Renny is letting Caleb back into her heart. Now if only her heart would cooperate.

Things get dangerous when a mysterious being starts stalking the residents of Bitten Point. When the monster threatens his son, Caleb knows it’s time to unleash his dark inner beast so he can snap at danger–and take a bite out of life.


S.E. SMITH: Somewhere, over the rainbow.... The melody plays in my head as I write this. Sometimes I feel like I'm over the rainbow with all the stories running around in my head. The New Year is guaranteed to bring some wonderful stories to life. I have the first of the year filled with all kinds of wonderful tales, including: Jaguin's Love: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 8; The Dark Prince's Prize: Curizan Warrior Book 2; Roarrk's Revenge: Zion Warriors Book 3; Jarmen's Jane Doe: Lords of Kassis Book 5; Core's Attack: Cosmos' Gateway Book 6 and more. I will also be releasing the first book in a new five book series called Command Decision: Project Glieses 581g. These adventures and more are dancing through my imagination and can't wait to escape. So, bring on the coffee, add a few peanut butter sandwiches, and shut the door because I've got a lot of writing to do in 2016! Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you have a wonderful and safe Holiday season and a Happy New Year!

Born prematurely, Christoff wasn’t as big or as strong as his older brother or the other younglings in the village. Unable to fit in, he does the best he can, helping his father and mother on their farm. His life changes when the mountain near their farm awakens. Believing he is the only one who can quiet it, he retreats to the mountain to watch over the village that shunned him.

A hermit for centuries, he dreams of the day he can move on to his next life; a life that he hopes will give him a chance of finding his true mate. He knows his time has come when the mountain begins to tremble again. What he doesn’t expect is a group of younglings who suddenly appear in the hopes of saving a thing called Christmas. When the mountain erupts, he never expects to awaken on a strange planet light years away, or to meet an unusual woman who sees beneath his deformity to the warrior hidden within.

Can the love of a special woman and her family heal Christoff’s tortured soul? Find out what happens when the Goddess Aikaterina gives The Old Dragon his very own special Christmas.

JOEY W. HILL: Naughty Wishes are coming in 2016! Yes, the ‘plural’ is intended, because Naughty Wishes will be a four-novella ebook serial beginning January 19 and releasing monthly through April! Samantha is in love with her roommates Geoff and Chris, but she has to get them on board with becoming a threesome. Plus she’s a submissive and KNOWS Geoff is a Dom just itching to lay claim to her and Chris. So she has a pretty hefty 2016 to-do list: how to get from where they are now – best friends – to where she wants them to be — best friends, lovers, and a Dom/sub trio. Would you like a sneak peek? Click here ( for a free excerpt/buy links. Merry Christmas to everyone and happy New Year!

Oh, and while standalone, since this series is part of the Naughty Bits world (, you’ll get to see Logan and Madison again--or meet them for the first time!

N.J. WALTERS: 2015 is coming to a close and it’s time to start thinking about the coming year. So far it’s shaping up to be a busy one. It’s all about werewolves for me—specifically the Salvation Pack. Wolf on the Hunt is first up on January 12th. This is Louis’s book. Readers have been waiting quite a while for his story, and I think they’ll be pleased. Then the series continues with Wolf on A Mission on April 5. Wolf in His Heart and Wolf in her Soul follow in July and October. And there is still more to come from the pack in 2017. I’m also excited to announce that the final three novellas in the Hades’ Carnival series (Heart of the Serpent, Flame of the Phoenix and Lure of the Jaguar) are being released in a print book entitled Hades’ Return early in the year.

Sylvie LaForge Dubois knew coming back from the dead wouldn’t be easy, but facing her brother and his friends is harder than she imagined. The way Gator Rollins watches her every move makes her decidedly uneasy and excited.

After surviving a forced mating to the abusive Andre Dubois, having a rugged, dangerous werewolf like Gator sniffing around her is scary and thrilling at the same time. She never imagined she’d want another man, but her bone-deep attraction to Gator is too strong to fight.

Gator never got a chance to tell Sylvie he loved her before she was mated with another and, well, died. Now that she’s back, there’s nothing he won’t do to protect her.

Once word gets out, Sylvie’s former pack will be coming for her. No one leaves the Louisiana pack, especially not a female werewolf. But Gator’s determined that this time he won’t let anyone or anything get between him and Sylvie, even if she can’t decide if his touch makes her want to jump his bones…or run for the hills.


KALI ARGENT: To be honest, I’m not nearly as organized right now as I should be. My family is making a big move halfway across the country in the new year, and most of my focus has been on that. I can say with 100% certainty that 3013: ANARCHY will be releasing in February. I also have a couple of secret projects in the works for 2016, including one epic, amazing series with Laurie Roma. I can’t wait to share more about that in the coming months. I am hoping to get back to The Revenant and Pandora in the first quarter of the year, but it all depends on time constraints with the move. I’ll keep everyone up to speed and post updates as I have them, so stay tuned…

Commander Ivy Dalton doesn’t believe in luck or chance. Everything in her life—her career, her ship, the respect of her peers—she’s worked hard to earn. When she and her crew are attacked during an exploration mission, sending her ship crashing onto an unidentified planet, her only concern is finding a way to contact the Alliance. She never expected a single, tiny incident in the infinite reaches of space to challenge all she thought she knew about fate, destiny, and…love.

For thousands of years, King Kai Blackthorn has ruled over the people of his planet with selflessness and compassion, never taking anything for himself. Recently, however, he’s grown weary, malcontent, and the loneliness that has plagued him for centuries has become too pronounced to ignore. Then all that changes with the unexpected arrival of one sassy blonde with luscious curves and a dangerously sharp tongue.

Caught in the midst of intolerance and corruption, two strangers from different worlds struggle to find a way to coexist. Kai can’t abandon his people, and Ivy can’t imagine a life grounded in one place. But fate will not be ignored. Decisions must be made, compromises that will change the course of their lives. For no matter which destination they choose, the journey will leave them forever altered.


SUSAN HAYES: 2016 is shaping up to be a busy year. I have two 3013 series books coming out, starting with 3013: FURY. I’ll also be writing the final story in the award winning Wilde Brothers series, giving Jared Wilde his happily ever after.  I have projects on the go that I can’t talk about just yet, but I swear I’ll share the details as soon as I can! I’m also working on a new sci-fi romance series and intend to have the first book out before 2016 comes to a close. I plan on attending several conferences in the coming year, including the Midnight Gala in Las Vegas next October. I hope to see some of you in my travels. In closing, I wanted to wish everyone reading this a joy-filled holiday season and a prosperous new year. May 2016 bring you more laughter than tears and plenty of time to curl up with a good book.  

Rebel medic Ciara Fanning has called the badlands home for more than a decade. Raised in the Alliance, she spent the first half of her life defined by what she wasn’t—fertile, valued, deserving of her family’s love. Now, she lives beyond the Alliance’s reach and defines her worth by the lives she’s saved and the people she’s healed.  

Alliance Elites Dr. Vance Sterling and Dane Foster live for the joys of raising their daughter, Annie. It’s been more than two years since they buried Annie’s mother,  but neither man has been ready to move on… until they meet a redheaded rebel with no place to stay and a heart as battered as their own. 

Dane and Vance have dedicated their lives to defending the Alliance way of life while Ciara has dedicated hers to helping those who live outside Alliance lands. Can they heal old wounds and forge a new life together, or will the dark ghosts of the past steal their future before it’s even begun


LACEY THORN: I’m so excited for 2016! It’s going to be a great year for my readers. I’ll be kicking the year off with a relaunch of my Demon Chronicles series with fresh titles and brand new covers! I’ll also be releasing several returned titles to me, including: Finding Home, Saving Sarah, Discovering Daisy, Tempting Tess, and Maggie’s Ménage. Three of those books are part of my Lottery Bride series I started very early in my writing career. I plan to add a fourth book in 2016, and I’m really excited about it! I have two new pride books planned along with two shorter pride novellas. I have a new Pleasures book in the works and two new Holloway books planned. I’m also planning to get started on a book for Jess and her wolves! Add to that a new Knight’s Watch book and a few new projects I can’t seem to get out of my head and 2016 will be a super busy year for me! I can’t wait!

Darcy prefers lace over cotton, wine over beer, and long, hot soaks over quick showers.

Rayne lives in his chaps, prefers an ice cold beer, and rarely has time for anything more than a five minute shower.

He breeds horses, just like every Renwick before him on the Texas horse ranch he calls home. She prefers to travel and explore the exotic as far from Texas as she can go.

When these two opposites collide, will they discover some common ground or will their differences drive them apart?

This book was previously released as Rayne in the Men of Calder County boxed set.


JENIKA SNOW: This year has been a whirlwind of stories, ideas, and experiences. I thought I’d share a little sneak peak on some of the things I plan on working on for the 2016 year. Cowboys and dominant men are high on my priority list, so I’ll be finishing up the last two books in my Sterling Brothers series. Of course I have plans to add more stories to my motorcycle clubs series, all three of them, as well as working on more books with the wonderful Sam Crescent. My Sweet Water series has some stories coming, as well as more books to my Virgin Auctions series. I have some taboo ideas floating around for books that I’d like to explore, but my main goal is to try and finish, or at least add to, more books to my existing series. 2015 has been incredible, and I look forward to sharing 2016 with everyone.

Landon came into Lyric’s life three years ago when his mother married her father. Landon is hardened, rough around the edges, and has a chip on his shoulder. He's a bad boy who boxes, and seems to hate the world. But Lyric wants him. 

Lyric doesn’t want to ignore what she feels for Landon, but she can’t help but worry what others will say if they had a relationship: wrong, twisted, disgusting. But when a fellow classmate drunkenly assaults her, it’s Landon who saves her. It’s after this that her emotions morph into something stronger. 

Landon has been called many things: deviant, destructive, and an all around bad boy. But he’s never cared what anyone thought, not until Lyric. It only takes opening up to her to see that she’s it for him. But how can she possible want a guy like him? Is Landon even capable of giving her everything she deserves? Can he control himself and protect her when she’s attacked again?


SAM CRESCENT: I’ve been thinking about what will come in 2016. This past year I’ve done quite a bit of variety from MC, to wolves, to mafia romances. It has been a very productive career. So, after much thought, I think I’m going to go with what inspires my muse. At the moment, that’s going to be a lot of drama in my MC worlds. I’m currently working on The Skulls, and I’m hoping by the end of 2016 I would have completed Tabitha and Simon’s story. I can’t give a guarantee other than I will be writing a lot, as I find inspiration everywhere, at every point. So far for 2016 you can expect, Mine (Trojans MC), The Alpha Shifter Collection, The Bad Boy Collection, The Skulls, Chaos Bleeds, Trojans, Dirty Fuckers, and of course, Saints and Sinners. Thank you all for a wonderful year, and for all of your love and support.

Elisha is obsessed with cleanliness. Everything has to have a place, and be completely spotless. She’s vowed never to put faith in men after catching her last boyfriend cheating on her. Her carefully ordered world was fine—until he moved in next door. 

Brant is an awful, dirty neighbor. He parties, has orgies in the garden, and turns her world upside down. After an ugly confrontation, Elisha has no choice but to apologize, and give him a chance. 

She annoys him, arouses him, inspires him, and Brant is determined to show Elisha that there is more to him than she’s given him credit for. Once he has her underneath him, he’s never going to let her go, but how can two completely different people ever make a relationship work?


ERIKA REED: I can’t believe how quickly this year has come and gone. I’ve worked on so many exciting things this year, and made new friends along the way. I can’t wait to start on my new projects that I have lined up for 2016. First off, I recently submitted to Evernight Publishing my first bear shape-shifter series. I plan to work on the second installment in my Eternity Series the middle of the year. But first I want to get started on a new project that I have been putting together the past few weeks. I hope you all are ready to read about some players on my new football team who are extremely well-built, and who look absolutely delish in a tight pair of pants. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! Xoxo 

Rylee Dawson never imagined that everything she ever loved would be taken away from her in the blink of an eye, but after waking up in the hospital from being in a serious car accident with her husband, she learns how fragile life is. After coming to terms with the loss of her husband, she is finally ready to move forward with her life. That’s when Rylee’s best friend suggests she takes a vacation to her brothers’ retreat in Montana. Rylee has never envisioned herself falling in love ever again, that is, until she met the McGuire twins. 

Cade and Carter McGuire are twin brothers who own Twin Haven Lodge. Trust has always been an issue with Cade, especially after a bad sexual experience with a past lover, so he has never had a problem living the single life—until he and Carter meet Rylee. 

For years Carter had been patient with his brother, but after meeting Rylee he realizes the time has come for him and his brother to finally settle down. He isn’t about to let the woman of his dreams slip away because of his brother’s emotional baggage.


VELLA DAY: I am so excited about 2016. I am changing directions a little bit by entering into the world of fantasy and paranormal. My new series is called WERES AND WITCHES OF SILVER LAKE. My shifters are a group of wolves and bears who coexist and rule together. Add in a whole race of witches (called Wendayans), sprinkle in a goddess and her immortal husband, and cap it off with some really evil werewolves, called Changelings, who have a host of talents, and you have my new series. Humans don’t know any of these creatures exist, so everyone must be circumspect. My story lines run the gamut from murder and kidnapping to stealing powers. Should be fun. My first story will release in February, and the next two will follow closely behind.

FBI operative, Sarah Osmond, has a job to do—help save ten captive women from the evil Colter leader, Paul Statler. When General Armand sends in Jay Wagner and Riley Bishop to help, she’s undeniably drawn to both men, but she won’t let lust compromise her mission. Having hot, passionate sex with them is one thing, but falling for them is another. 

Having grown up in foster care, Riley doesn’t trust many people, but when he meets Sarah he denies she’s his mate until the intense werewolf mating call draws him in and threatens to ruin everything. 

Jay Wagner, who used to work undercover at Statler’s firm, is frustrated because he has to keep his distance from the action—and from Sarah, who is also his mate. Not only is he determined to bring down the hated man, he must convince Riley and Sarah they need to succumb to their desires in order for the three of them to be together forever. 

The only roadblock? Statler has other plans for her.

KD JONES: The New Year will be starting off with a bang for me. I have a book expected to come out almost every month. So I will be a busy busy girl. January's release will be Gypsy Wolf, book 5 in the paranormal series Strange Lake Falls. February's release will be Atonement, which is book 3 in the new science fiction series Earth Evolution. I also have two new series that I will be introducing. The first is a new paranormal romance with sexy Polar Bear shifters. The series is called, Polar Bear Express. Yes I couldn't help it, my son loves the Polar Express movie. My second new series for 2016 is called The 7 Circles. I am very excited about this new series.

AshOR finally has command of his own ship, and he's been given an important mission to head up. He has to locate a rogue Morin ship that managed to get through the wormhole, before it reaches Earth. He expects to face battle, and he's used to fighting. What he doesn't expect is the trail of horror and destruction left by the Morins. Stopping his people's enemy is his top priority, and he doesn't need the complication of a stunning beauty that won't listen to anything he has to say. In fact, she does the exact opposite.

Ava Collins is a FEMA volunteer who's seen a lot of bad stuff in her lifetime. However, none of it prepares her for what she encounters while leaving Earth to travel to a new world. War, hate, genocide: these are things that she finds are universal. She offers her assistance to the commander of the Colonial transport, but he doesn't seem to trust that she knows what she's doing. When he's not ignoring her suggestions and advice; he's flirting with her outrageously and driving her a little bit crazy.

During times of struggle and strife different species must come together to aid one another. Can they overcome the common enemy who seeks to tear them apart? Will these two overcome their own reluctance in order to allow love in their hearts?

KYLA KINCAID: Really, I’m not much of a planner. I write stories as they come to me, whether they’re part of an ongoing series, or something completely new. I’m hoping to release more books in the Astora Chronicles in 2016, and maybe get back to my Alpha Bitten series as well. 

Since the destruction of Earth, Luna Riley has made her home miles below the surface of Aleucia in the underground city of Astora. But humanity’s salvation comes at a price. Her life is no longer her own, her every move monitored, and her freedom limited. The only bright spot in her new reality is her job as a personal assistant to the most powerful man in the city, but even that is about to come to an end.

From the moment the raven-haired beauty stepped into his office, Director Nero Wyeth knew he had to have her. The more Luna challenges him, the more he wants her, but lately, something has changed. She’s distracted, guarded, and worse, she’s scared. 

When she requests to transfer to a different level of the city, he’ll do anything, slay any demons, to keep her with him—whether she wants his protection or not. 


SJ MAYLEE: 2016 is going to be a big year for S.J. Maylee and I can’t wait to dive in. I’ll be writing the 4th book in my Love Projects Series. Every book in the series has been leading up to this one. Keller’s story is a big one. I know most of the twists, turns, and surprise discoveries but I’m pretty sure there’s something he hasn’t shared and won’t share until I write it. The anticipation is killing me. Before I get to Keller’s story, I’m finishing the 2nd book in my Assassins and Sweethearts Series. In fact, I’m putting the polishing touches on it right now. It may surprise you how this couple falls in love. Their story is full of danger and passion that can’t be denied. Have you read the first book in the series? Desire Unexpected is it and it’s one of my best stories. I dare you to fall in love with an assassin. Here’s to a fabulous 2016!

Life is passing Nadia Duskin by from her position in the mailroom. It only fulfills two necessities, keeping the repo man away and keeping her up to date on her sexy CEO. 

Ethan Wright is prepared to frighten and fire the nosey girl who sorts his company’s mail. After engaging with her at one of his favorite places in the world, he digs deeper.

Together, they find the kind of pleasure that could keep them satisfied for a lifetime. Her love may be the key to putting both of their lives back on track, but to what end? When a man he’s been contracted to kill threatens Nadia’s life, he forces her to face reality. Either they’ll delve deeper into the desires neither expected or they may die trying.

ELODIE PARKES: Somewhere over the rainbow…I’ll probably be burning the candle at both ends as usual, working the day job, and writing at night. I have a Sci-Fi romance that’s been calling to me for months, a contemporary erotic romance with a thread of mystery, a fantasy romance that’s half finished, and of course, I must write the final story for The Venn Pack in Love series. I think that Tom Venn’s love story is what I’ll write first. Tom’s been the most mysterious of the wolf shifter pack so far in the series, and I want to tell the readers who’ve asked about him why. My latest release was book 3, Captive Wolf, and I just loved giving Ryder Venn his happy ending. It’s my favorite thing about writing—giving characters happy endings. That’s my somewhere over the rainbow, happy endings, and for the coming year I hope everyone has the chance to be happy as much as they possibly can.

When Ryder Venn sets out to do a favor for his alpha brother, Joshua, he thinks it’s just an ordinary day. Little does he know the horror and adventure that awaits him. Captured and tortured by shifter hunters, Ryder wakes to the gentle care of Evie Thomas.

As Ryder Venn falls in love with the mysterious girl who nurses his wounds and feeds him, Evie discloses her reason for being part of the hunter’s group. As Evie reveals her identity and plans to Ryder, they fall into a heated and passionate love affair. Meanwhile, the shifter hunters plot to force Ryder into cage fighting. The trouble is just who or what will they make him fight?

Deep in love, Ryder marks Evie as his mate.

Gorgeous Ryder will do anything for her.

Lovely Evie will do anything to free him.


JORDAN MARIE: 2015 was a busy time for me!  I just capped off Savage MC with Book 5. 2016 will bring an all new series. Devil’s Blaze and will consist of 4 books.  The first of which kicks off with a book I plan to release in January, Captured. Readers will be familiar with the hero, Skull, as he made an appearance in the previous series. February will bring the release of Book 2. Burned which will follow Torch’s story. My covers for these books are totally unlike anything I’ve done before and I hope readers will love them.  You can check out the upcoming books on their Goodreads page here: CAPTURED and BURNED. You can also keep updated with my present releases and other things by visiting my WEBSITE. Merry Christmas! May 2016 bring us all great things and dreams come true.


I lost my way a longtime ago. 
Then I meet Skye. 
The doctor, with the pouty lips and legs that last for days. 
She's mouthy, uptight, and way out of my league. 
But it's too late. 
I've decided I want her, and for more than just an eight second ride. 
Even if she's bringing a world of danger with her-- 
She's mine, and I'm not giving her up. 


The minute I laid eyes on the tall, broad shouldered 
and beautifully sculpted male lying on the hospital bed, 
I knew I was in trouble. 
He says his name is Bull. 
I've seen what he's packing, and trust me, the name fits. 
I'm his doctor. I'm a single mom. 
I'm not reckless. I can't afford to be. 
I can't fall for a man like him...a wild biker. 
Not even if he makes my heart race and my knees weak. 
I can't. 
Not even when he vows to protect me from someone who wants me dead. 
The problem is, it's too late. 
He's already in my thoughts, my dreams, and my bed. 

What's a good girl to do when obsessed with the ultimate bad boy?


DORIS O'CONNER: What am I working on next year? Well, I have my very first dragon story coming out in January. The Dragon in the Stone is a naughty twist on Beauty and the Beast, and I had so much fun with it. I’m in two box sets set for release in March. One is M/F and the other Ménage, and those stories are called Under his Protection, and Icing on the Cake. I also have the next installments in the following series planned. (Not necessarily in that order): 
Premiere Companions, 2
Vikings through Time, 2
The Spectrum Auctions, 5
The Protectors, 6
The Warriors, 3
The Projects, 6
I think that will keep me busy for a while, don’tcha think? ;-) Add to that list whatever unknowns my muse decides to throw at me, and life is never dull.

It’s a Dom’s job to protect his girl.

No one believes that more than Jonas Sorenson. So when he sees the shy little sub he has been trying to get close to for ages up for auction on the Club Spectrum stage, there’s only one Dom who will get her—him.

Rissa Nauenburg hates being the center of attention, so being on show in the auction proves too much for her. Caught in the middle of a panic attack, she has no time to appreciate the fact the one Dom she has been secretively lusting after for ages has won her.

Her distress makes Jonas more determined to protect her. It’s perfectly obvious to Jonas that someone in her past has hurt Rissa badly. Under the terms of the auction she is his for twenty four hours at least.

It's game on to rebuild Rissa’s confidence and Jonas plays for keeps.

All Rissa has to do is let him…

KAYLEIGH MALCOLM: My muse has been on a tear the past couple months, inspiring me to start a number of projects...but the finishing part we haven't been as focused on as we should be. LoL I have almost as many knitting projects started as books at this point. I have an M/M book coming out in May-June that is part of the Black Hills Wolves series. Also I'm equally excited to have a M/F/M story in the April Fools for Love collection, coming out April 1st. At the moment, there are three books open on my laptop. The second M/F/M book in my Peacock Terrace Series, the second book in my Sin City Clique (1NS) M/M/F series and the first book in a new M/M series that I hope to start to release in the Fall. It's going to be a busy 2016, hopefully I'll be able to finish some of these knitting projects too. :) 

When construction expert, Craig Ledet and Executive Chef Daniel Mire finally meet their long –legged, enigmatic neighbor Hannah Robinson they are determined to have her in their bed.

Passion sizzles for Hannah and her dynamic neighbors, but they will need more than erotic satisfaction when a vicious trail of extortion and kidnapping tests their devotion to each other.

Hannah Robinson was sure she'd never return to a court room but the nights in the arms of two men focused on her pleasure can’t save her from the truth that her decisions may put one of them in prison


TEHYA TITAN: I love visiting the world of Vor, and I plan on adding a few more Warriors of Vor books to the series in 2016. Besides that, I also plan on working on a new paranormal series if I can fit it into my schedule. I wish everyone the best for the New Year!

Warriors of Vor - Book 2

Abigail Denton left home to start a new life, only to have it ripped away in a brutal attack. But second chances sometimes come in the most unexpected ways. Taken from Earth, Abby is brought to a new world to become the mate to an alien warrior, however, her past has left her hesitant to trust any male…

Larger and stronger than most other warriors on Vor, Prince Dracor Krell is the perfect Captain of the Guard, but his size makes him less desirable as any female’s companion. He has given up hope at finding happiness, but all of that changes the moment he meets his mate, Abby. Now, all he has to do is prove to her that a warrior’s devotion can lead to a love that will last them a lifetime.


MICHELLE HOWARD: I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of the year. It’s definitely been full of ups and downs. I’m glad to have this time to breathe and reflect on everything for 2015. I’m beyond grateful to have spent most of this year growing my passion for writing. I also spent time with my family that didn’t feel rushed, launched a second sci-fi series which gave me the chance to really flex my writing muscle. I hope 2016 brings me as much joy with my books as this year did. I have several releases planned. (sequels for each of my current series) After a small holiday break, I’ll be jumping in full speed ahead. I’m closing 2015 out with my December release Love Like No Other. It’s a sci-fi romance featuring secondary characters that connect to my A World Beyond Series and it was a lot of fun writing. I’m wishing everyone a beautiful holiday season and a new year filled with hope and love. 

Just lovers. That was the unspoken agreement between them but what they shared wasn’t enough for him anymore. Commander Jaxon Brom wages a war for the heart of the woman he loves. It may prove to be his toughest battle ever but one he doesn’t plan to lose.


ERIN M. LEAF: That elusive rainbow can seem so far away.... but the truth is that next year will be here before we can blink! My new book, Alpha Shaman—Bad Oak Boys 2, is releasing next week! Josh and Gerwulf get themselves into trouble, and then back out again. Wulfgang—Bad Oak Boys 3 will be releasing sometime in February 2016. Silas River, a drummer, goes incognito to teach at a college. Little does he know that his mate, Wulfgang, will soon seal his fate. I have a rough outline of book four in the series, tentatively titled Shifter Spy, and will be writing it soon. I’m planning on finishing that book by the end of January (yes, I’m a little ambitious). After that, I’m planning on working on the next Stronghold series book, Dawn. Sentry Isaac Dawn uses charm and a mischievous personality to hide a focused intensity. It’s gonna be a busy winter!

The world isn’t ready for a rock star werewolf, but Josh Oakley can’t stop biology. When his brother sends sexy wolf shaman Gerwulf to help him, instinct is too mild a word for how he feels. Gerwulf calls to his animal in a way that defies logic.

Gerwulf knows Josh is his mate the moment they meet, but he doesn’t like guys and he doesn’t intend to bond with anyone. He’ll help the musician control his wolf, but getting too close isn’t his intention. Besides, he wouldn’t know what to do with a man in his bed.

Of course, shifters can’t dodge fate—a crisis forces Josh and Gerwulf to accept their connection just in time to save Forst Pack from an old enemy. When biology ties them together beyond even a mating bond, will they be able to move past their fear and into a future that holds more than they ever expected?


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