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  1. I loved your first book and now the second just blow me away!!!Love it,love it!!!!Cant wait for the next one i hope it's the twins story;D

  2. When will you be releasing your next Arcadian book? I love that series.

    1. Loved the Arcadian Series are their anymore to come please.

  3. When will your next Arcadian book be out ? I hope soon. I love your books they are on my auto buy list .

  4. I would like to know about the Arcadians as well? When can I look for the next in this series?

  5. Just read the blog for 2016. Still no plans for another Arcadians novel.

    Book 2 was published back in 2013.

    What a disappointment.

  6. Love your 3013 & IAD series. Do you plan anymore IAD in the near future, or will you be continuing your far future 3013 instead ;-)

  7. I will be re-releasing both the IAD and Arcadians, with the next NEW book in each series, in 2018. I know that seems like a long time, but I will be releasing many more books to keep you entertained during the wait! :)

  8. Well shit love all your books butt IAD IS MY FAVORITE YOUR A WONDERFUL WRITER THANK YOU

  9. Please publish/release your books in audio format!!!!! 99.9% of the books I buy are audiobooks. I just don't have the free time needed to sit and read books anymore. Especially when I can do other things (errands/house work/routine tasks at the office), all while listening to an audiobook downloaded to my iPhone. But I do believe I'm going to break under pressure and buy your two Arcadian books in eBook format. I'd also love to read all of the 3013 series but I know better than to even get started with them. I'll have to wait and HOPE one day in the not too distant future you'll expand into releasing your books in audio. Thanks!