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~ Symposium: Fly Me to the Moon ~

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my January Symposium!

Since this is the start to the new year, this month’s Symposium is all about setting goals. I know, most of us usually break our New Year’s resolutions, but this is about writing objectives...which I hope are a little easier to follow. *wink wink* With that being said, I’ve asked my friends and fellow authors to share what their writing goals are for this on and find out what they had to say!

LAURIE ROMA:  I think my biggest goal is to figure out a way to balance my time focusing on family and writing all the books I want to finish this year. Over the next few months, my mother will by continuing her chemo treatments, followed by a stem cell transplant surgery for her multiple myeloma (bone cancer). It’s a pretty intense schedule, but I have faith that it will work to put her in full remission. Between trips to the hospital and doctor’s appointments, I’m really looking forward to launching my new YA pen name, L.S. Watts, with my debut book. In addition, I’ll be revisiting Breakers and the 3013 world with several new stories. Time management is going to be key, but I’ll have to keep reminding myself to take breaks. The good thing is, if I don’t, I have awesome people in my life that will help remind me. LOL. Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers you’ve been sending my mom...I appreciate it more than I can say!

Officer Skylar Aris is a woman with a troubled past. As a Class-A Conduit, she is beautiful and deadly, making her stand out among the rest of the Elite soldiers. She has worked hard to succeed as one of the only female interrogators in the Security and Interrogation Division, but everything she has dreamed of is put in jeopardy when she’s given an ultimatum that will change her fate.

Strong and dominant, Director Dominic Stryker is a man who doesn’t let anything stand in his way. When he meets Skylar, he knows she’s the woman he wants to claim, but he never expected she’d also be destined to belong to his best friend, D’Aire Ambassador Arik V’Dir. Two Alpha males, Dom and Arik don’t want to share, but they realize that it’s the only way they can have Skylar...if they can get her to agree.

When a mission forces Skylar to deal with her past, Dom and Arik are determined to stand by her side. But discovering where she comes from changes everything. Will their love be enough to give her salvation, or will the truth shatter their bond and take her beyond their reach?

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NJ WALTERS: A new year means new beginnings and endless possibilities. A writer learns with each book and is always trying to get better. The books that will be releasing this year have already been written. I’m currently working on a sixth Salvation book, even though I’d originally planned five for the series. That’s the wonderful thing about being a writer. Sometimes ideas come when you least expect them. I like to stretch myself as a writer and work on a project with no expectations of what will happen or where it might publish. I’m not going to tell you what the secret project is…too much pressure that way. I’ll work away on it between other books and maybe a year or two from now I’ll have the start of another exciting series. In the meantime, you can expect three new Hades’ Carnival novellas and two new Salvation books between now and the end of January 2016.

Now that the five-thousand-year curse that kept him and his fellow shapeshifting warriors trapped in animal form has been lifted, Mordecai doesn’t quite know what to do with himself. He is free—in theory.

Hell left its stain on his soul, and his relationship with the warriors who once trusted him is uneasy. The only bright spot in his life is Jessica, whose shining innocence he dare not taint with his inner darkness. But it’s getting harder and harder to stay away from her.

Jessica longs for the days she and Mordecai shared an easy friendship. Now he seems as distant as the stars. He denies there’s a problem, but she’s determined to penetrate his shields.

Hades has been plotting his revenge from his prison. He can’t harm Mordecai without harming himself. But there’s nothing to stop him from wreaking havoc by hurting the one woman Mordecai would give his life to protect—Jessica.


LACEY THORN: 2015 holds the potential to be an exciting year for me. I have four new Awakening Pride books plus I’m hoping to write the story of Jess and her wolves. I’m also planning to launch a few brand new series and self publish them. I’ll admit I’m a bit terrified of stepping out from under the safety net of a publishing house, but I’m eager to discover the possibilities. There should be another Pleasures novella this year, as well as a surprise project I hope my readers will jump on board with! And… This year holds a special treat in store for the more adventurous of my readers! All in all, 2015 is filled with promise!

A Primal Panther...

The injection of a feral virus surges through his veins, trapping him in the skin of his animal. He’s fighting for dominance, struggling not to lose himself to the beast. There’s only one thing that can save him, one person who can help set him free.

A Mate’s Love...
Diane left everything she knew behind to follow the Professor into the unknown. Now, she lives among people she never knew existed and fights daily to keep them alive and healthy. She’s felt a spark with Zane since the day he arrived, but his avoidance leaves her guessing.


As the virus rages, only the touch of a mate can rescue the man trapped inside, leading Diane down a path she feels ill-prepared to take. If she’s not his mate, Zane might just kill her. If she is, then she’s the only one with a chance at saving the beast.


SUSAN HAYES: My goals for 2015? Stay mostly sane. Avoid jail…oh, wait, you said writing goals. My biggest goal for this year is to find a balance. Balancing the day job and the writing job. Making sure I have a social life with actual people and not just the characters in my head. Keeping up with the business side of writing instead of focusing too much on the creative (fun) part. I’ll still be writing in several genres, but another goal for this year is to write more fantasy books, because it’s been nearly a year since I wrote about magic and monsters and I miss it. It’s time I got back to my writing roots and play with shifters and dragons and wizards again. Reading this over, I’ve realized that my “real” goal seems to be to have fun with my writing. I can certainly do that!

Sonja Grekov has spent her life in a gilded cage, trapped by her wealthy family’s expectations and the scroll tattoo on her face that declares her to be one of the coveted fertile women on Earth. No longer willing to be a pawn to further her parents’ ambition, she finally finds the courage to break free before she can be claimed in a loveless match. She is determined to set her own path, but never expected where it would take her...

Trevar Storm and Deacon Wilde are Alliance Elites, but there’s nothing elite about their current assignment. They crew one of the oldest freighters in the fleet, ferrying goods across Alliance controlled space with just each other for company. With a reputation for trouble and no chance at promotion, the two men are planning for the day they can go into business for themselves and leave their military lives behind.

A straightforward supply run turns into a life changing event when the two elites discover a treasure hidden in their cargo bay. Keeping their sexy stowaway may bring the full wrath of the Alliance down on their heads, but Trevar and Deacon won’t let her go without a fight. Will their journey end in heartache, or can three misfit hearts find love in the darkness between the stars?


JENIKA SNOW: I have a lot of goals I want to accomplish this year! I hope to have more Dark Romance self-published, as I am very fond of the genre, and plan on re-releasing several stories that I will be getting the rights back. I am excited to go through those older stories, revisit the characters, and be able to share them with readers again. I am also excited to be part of a couple of multi-author projects, and have more books planned in a self-published series with another author! In short, I just hope to be completely busy with writing, using every day to perfect what I am passionate about.

Danika is too young and innocent, but also the daughter of Damien’s best friend. He should stay away, but he’s imprinted on her, and that means he has to have her.

Danika Harrison has loved Damien Locke since she knew what the emotion was. He might be older than her, but she doesn’t care because she wants him. When they share one night together and he tells her he has imprinted on her, she knows she is lost for the older man.

Damien, a lion shifter, and friend of Danika’s father, forced himself to leave his mate behind for four years. He’s imprinted on her, and that means he can’t walk away again. Now that his animal has awakened for her, he is obsessed, possessive for Danika, and can’t let her go. She is his and she’ll wear his mark to prove it.


SANDRA BUNINO: I love new beginnings and the turn of a new year fills me with motivation to write, write, write! I’m trying something new in 2015 – a fantasy pirate ménage series! I’ve always been intrigued by pirates and the STARZ series, Black Sails, gave me the sexy inspiration to walk the plank and create a pirate world of my own. I hope to release the first story before summer. I’m also excited to get back to my contemporary romance McAvery Brothers series. The series is based in McAvery’s Bar located in the trendy SoHo section of New York City. It’s a place that’s near and dear to me, and the series is so much fun to write. Hunter McAvery’s story, Colors of Us, released last year and Alex and Liam are impatiently waiting for their stories to be told. Thanks for having me, Laurie!

Everything she knew to be true fell apart. Then fell apart again…

Michelle Willis is running from her past. What better place to hide than in the anonymity of New York City. Finding refuge in a tiny SoHo art gallery, she rebuilds her life one painting at a time.

A wrong turn sends Hunter McAvery on a crash course with disaster. He fights his own demons by following his big brother’s lead – drinking and bed-hopping his way through Manhattan.

A glance at Michelle’s self-portrait triggers emotions Hunter can’t tamp down. Driven to meet the artist, he discovers a fiery chemistry as their lives collide. But when their past threatens to tear them apart, can their love survive?


SAM CRESCENT: I can’t believe January 2015 is almost over but it is. Previous years I’d set myself goals of writing MC series, doing a 100k book, and trying not to overload myself with projects. This year, my goal is to try and complete several series that I have started while also continuing with my current projects. It seems that I’m always writing something new, or at least starting a new series. This year I’m going to try and focus on keeping my muse on the series that have already started. Expect more, Chaos Bleeds, The Skulls, Trojans MC, Cape Fall, Disaster of the Other world, The Owners, and fingers crossed, finishing Friends, Men, and Secrets.

Elijah is a dangerous man. He deals with the Deadly Duet in between raising his teenage daughter. One night he’s called to a warehouse where a special gift awaits him. She’s blonde, beautiful, and a survivor. He gives her an ultimatum. She can come with him and live or he’ll kill her.

In the wrong place at the wrong time, Cherry has no desire to die. She sees a lifeline in Elijah and would rather go with him than risk an even worse fate. Once in his world, Cherry sees a whole new side to the deadly man.

Their relationship takes a sudden turn. She becomes Elijah’s in every sense of the word. Passion drives them, need fuels them, but neither of them could have prepared for the change in their lives. However, Elijah’s gift is about to be taken from him. Someone wants his crown, and if taking Cherry gets them what they want, they’ll do exactly that. It’s a race against time to save the woman he loves.  


WILLOW BROOKE: Thank you to the fabtastic Laurie Roma for having me back once again.  It’s an honor to be here with these fantastic authors! This year, I will be branching out in to new genres and expanding with new series and variety.  I’m setting a goal of a book a month and upping my daily word count.  Like all authors, the key is to continuously grow and better with each new project.  I’d like to venture more in to the new age contemporary and possibly the LGBT avenue just to change things up and offer a little of something to cure all tastes.  Of course the Breaking Protocol boys will be coming out in full force, and new twists in the Twisted Fate series.  Southern Bred will bring all of the country boys we love with that edge of wickedness we love to hate, with new stories in the mix! A brand new year means new beginnings, and I want to embrace it to it’s fullest.  I hope this new year brings you all new adventures and memories. My new book is available Tuesday, February 3 everywhere ebooks are sold. 

In book two of Southern Bred:  My name is Brandon West. I was born in this small town and have lived here my entire life.  Some people leave, some come back, but I never wanted any part of that.  This is my home and I’m proud of it. 

Growing up in these parts, either you’re kin to half of the town and dated the other half at one point or another, or you’re an outsider—meaning you won’t be here long.  With that outlook, imagine my surprise the day a little she-devil in stilettos and designer clothes drove up our dusty road—you guessed it—everything changed. 

Facing lush lips, full hips, long legs, and eyes that can see straight through to your soul are hard to ignore, so what started as a plan for a few nights of fun, soon got a little more complicated than I anticipated. 

When left with no choice, what do I do?  Well, what else is there, besides tying her little fine ass up and teaching her a lesson, country style. 


REBECCA JOYCEWhat can I say about my goals…well, I am always willing to try out new things. I do plan on stepping out of my cowboy realm and enter the world of sports! Sports are a major impact in my life, so the transition should be interesting…I do love playing with balls J. As for all the other stuff, well I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. I’ve never been a planner or goal setter but I do try to shake things up a bit. Only time will tell if I get around to it all. I do have lots of ideas for 2015, so who knows. Maybe I will get around to writing that all American best seller. Why should I fly to the moon, when I shoot for the stars!  

When the Sanchez Brothers arrived in Treasure Cove, all they wanted was a place to stay and to see their mother and sister. However, the welcome they got was an eye full. Gearing up for another war wasn’t what they planned, especially when the enemy was their baby sister.

River Trinity was happy and content. Could she use more sex in her life, yep! But finding the right man to fulfill her deepest need wasn’t as easy as it should have been considering that she lived in Treasure Cove. However, everything changed for her overnight when three men walked into a bar.

As the Sanchez Brothers try to adjust the rigors of civilian life, the town is faced with disaster unlike anything it’s ever seen, changing the face of Treasure Cove for all time. The Sanchez Brothers must act fast before they lose everything, not only their sister but the woman they love.  

Releases February 20, 2015

KALI ARGENT: I love setting goals. I love reaching those goals, and then setting the bar a little higher. For 2015, I wanted to start small, create obtainable targets that I can tweak as the year progresses. One of my biggest goals is to take time for myself, to set aside a couple of days a week where I’m not writing, which is actually harder than it sounds. At the same time, I also want to challenge myself, to push myself to be just a little bit better with every word, every sentence, and every book. Another goal is stop the adverb abuse. Those little guys never did anything to me. Mostly, my goal for 2015 is to just enjoy my writing, to put my fingers to the keyboard and write because it’s in my blood, because my characters demand it, and because it makes me happy.

Deep within the fortress of Pandora, Lieutenant Vane Schiva has spent millennium guarding precious artifacts and ancient secrets from around the universe. As the son of a decorated commander, he has always been a soldier first, putting the needs of his people before his own desires. So when the compound is breached and he’s sent across the galaxies to track down the thief, he never imagined the assignment would lead him to the only thing he’s ever wanted for himself. 

Growing up in New Orleans, Charlotte Rousseau has seen her share of the strange and unexplainable, but everything she thought she knew about the world is about to be tested. What started as any other day, quickly spirals into a nightmarish reality, leaving her no choice but to place her trust—and her life—in a stranger’s hands. Safety comes at a price, though, and Charlotte soon realizes her only chance at survival means leaving behind her fears and following Vane into the fire. 

Faced with the threat of war, new alliances are formed and old loyalties are tested in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. While emotions run high and sexual tensions simmer, Vane still guards a dangerous secret, one that could cost him everything in the end. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect Charlotte, though, even if that means turning his back on his own people. 

War is easy. Love takes courage.


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~ Guest: Kali Argent - 3013: MENDED ~

3013: MENDED

The sixth book in the best selling sci-fi/futuristic series!

A scroll with exceptional abilities, Camille Brighton lived a life of wealth and privilege until tragedy changed everything. The gifts that had once made her special are suddenly a curse to be feared, and she finds herself a captive in her own home with a world of possibilities just beyond her reach. When the demons of her past return, though, forcing her to flee to the outer rim of Alliance territory, she soon realizes freedom isn’t exactly the adventure she’d thought it would be. 

Running from his own past on Helix, Tariq Navarra has spent the last nine years as a mechanical engineer on Beta Station 4. Life has proven the only person he can depend on is himself, and he’s built an impenetrable wall around his heart, wearing suspicion and distrust like a second skin. Then a slip of a woman carrying the scent of fresh rain and lavender turns his world upside down with just a smile. He’s never wanted anything or anyone more, and he’ll go to the ends of the universe to keep Cami safe. With danger lurking at every turn, he may just be forced to prove it—even if that means protecting the angel from himself. 

Betrayal left them broken. Can love see them mended?

AMAZON    |   ARe   |   B&N


“Cami? Cami, look at me. Open your eyes and look at me.”

Warm hands cradled her face, bringing some semblance of reality back to her. Prying her lids open, she stared up at Tariq through blurry eyes and moaned. Everything hurt. Her heart pounded and her temples throbbed, making her lightheaded, and each breath came in short, shallow pants until her stomach cramped with nausea. 

“Cami, focus,” Tariq ordered. “Look right here at me, only me.” He stroked her cheeks with his fingertips and petted her hair. “That’s it, angel. Deep breath. Good,” he praised when she complied. “Again. One more.” 

Staring into his amber eyes, Cami breathed in through her nose and out through her mouth, focusing solely on his voice. “Keep talking, please.” 

“I’m not going to let anything happen to you, remember?” 

Then he did the most remarkable thing. Tariq pressed his palm to the side of her neck, using his thumb under her chin to tilt her face up, and kissed her. When their lips met, everything in her head melted away, dissolving into a peace she hadn’t known in years. 

Her pulse accelerated once more, for a completely different reason this time, and Cami pressed closer, opening for him with a quiet whimper. The first glide of his tongue against hers sent a shiver down her spine, and the scrape of his fangs against her lower lip produced a lusty moan she didn’t know herself capable of making. 

“That’s better,” Tariq whispered against the corner of her mouth. “You’re okay now.” 

“Better than okay.” Cami tried to sit up, but stopped when Tariq closed his eyes and groaned. Only then did she realize they were sitting in the middle of the hallway with her perched in Tariq’s lap. “How did I get here?” 

“I thought you were having a seizure or something, so I carried you out of the atrium.” He dropped his head back against the wall and groaned again. “Stop moving.” 

“Oh.” Cami held perfectly still. “Did I hurt you?” 

In response, he tucked her head under his chin and laughed. “No, angel, you didn’t hurt me.” 

A hard bulge behind his zipper dug into her backside, alerting her to the problem. Pushing away from his chest, Cami peeked up at him through her lashes, realization finally dawning. “Oops, sorry.” 

“Don’t apologize.” Sliding his arms around her midsection and behind her knees, Tariq stood, lifting her as easily as if she weighed nothing. “You need rest.” 

“I’m feeling better now.” The pain in her head had vanished, and only a warm tingle in her belly—remnants of their kiss—remained. “Why did you kiss me?” 

Though he looked straight ahead, Cami didn’t miss the faint smile or the way his voice gentled when he repeated his earlier assessment. “You talk too much.” 

Resting her head on his shoulder, Cami sighed in contentment. “It only seems that way because you barely talk at all. I’ll try to be less vocal, though.” 

Tariq pressed his lips to the top of her head as a satisfied rumbled vibrated his chest. “Don’t. I’ll get used to it.”

AMAZON    |   ARe   |   B&N