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~ New Cover Reveal - 3013: ALLEGIANCE ~


The fifteenth book in this best selling sci-fi/futuristic series!

Dragon Warrior Amari Nazira has lived amongst the stars for centuries, traveling the universe and keeping watch over the known galaxies along with her family. She has lived her life for the greater good, but her true desire has always been far beyond her reach. Now, taking her destiny into her own hands, she must find the one male who can tame her wild heart…her mate.

Regent Roman Newgate dedicated his life to the Alliance after he lost his family. He thought duty was all he needed, but the moment he meets Amari, everything changes. She is like a flame, beautiful and deadly, but the heat of one touch is all it takes to know she owns his heart. Their love may be fated, but they need to let go of their painful pasts before they can have a future together. However, time might not be on their side. 

When a peaceful meeting of the races on the Delta Station is attacked, allegiances will be tested. Can Amari and Roman defeat the enemy before a war begins, or will everything the Alliance stands for be destroyed?


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~ Guest: Kali Argent - 3013: OUTLAW ~

The 14th book in this best selling sci-fi/futuristic series!

After being implicated in a murder she didn’t commit, Isla Blevins seeks sanctuary on the one planet where the Alliance can’t reach her. On Earth, she’s the heiress to a fortune, but on Xenthian, she’s an outsider without a single credit to her name. Heartbroken over the loss of her mother, afraid she could be next, and not knowing who to trust, she can’t imagine how things can get much worse. 

Krytos triplets Slade, Bastian, and Knox Cadell have a plan—find the human scroll wanted for murder, return her to Earth, and collect the bounty. It’s simple, easy, no muss, no fuss. After all, how much trouble could one female cause? 

Then the universe throws them a curveball in the form a beautiful redhead with a big heart and the sweetest smile. Unconvinced of her guilt, they set out to clear her name, but proving Isla’s innocence to the Alliance turns out to be more difficult than they could have ever imagined.

With time running out and danger at every turn, can the brothers save the woman they love, or will Isla forever be branded an outlaw?

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“Be nice,” a quiet, groggy voice interjected, casting everyone else into silence. “Slade just wants what’s best for everyone.” Through heavy-lidden eyes, Isla looked up at him with a weak smile. “He’s not a bad guy.” 

Her defense of him was more than he deserved. “Isla, you’re awake.” 

“Good catch. Nothing gets past you.” Groaning, she rearranged herself into a sitting position and pulled Cord into her lap. “Hello, leelan. Have you been staying out of trouble?” 

Abandoning the stuffed lion, Cord wound his arms around Isla’s neck and hugged her fiercely. “I ride a dragon.” 

“What?” With comically wide eyes, Isla looked to the males in the room for an explanation. “What is he talking about?” 

“Uh, well,” Bastian began, stumbling over his words as he shrank back from her glare. “You see, when you passed out, Cord was kind of upset, and the only way to make him feel better was to, well, that is to say…” 

“It was Amari’s idea,” Slade said when his brother seemed at a loss. “She thought it would cheer him up.” 

“You let him ride a dragon?” The iciness in her voice dropped the temperature in the room by several degrees. “By himself?” 

“Well, that’s my cue.” Torren nodded at Isla. “I had nothing to do with it.” Then he simply vanished from the room, leaving Slade and Bastian to defend themselves. 

“He was perfectly safe.” Damn, the spell the elder had cursed them with was wreaking havoc on Slade. He could literally feel the mixture of anxiety and righteous fury boiling inside the fiery redhead. “Amari wouldn’t let anything happen to him.” 

Isla’s stomach fell, and her heart beat too fast. Slade was probably right, but so many things could have gone wrong. Cord could have fallen. He could have moved too quickly and ended up under one of the dragon’s massive feet. Amari could have sneezed and set him on fire. 

“Isla, please calm down,” Bastian implored. “Look at him. He’s perfectly fine, other than the fact that he hasn’t eaten today.” 

A new kind of worry overcame her, and she held Cord back so she could examine him. “Are you hungry now, Cord?” 

His face split into a smile, and he bobbed his head energetically. “Cookies, please.” 

Slade laughed, and Isla was mesmerized by the transformation of his normally hardened features. “You’re very handsome when you smile,” she commented. “You should do it more often.” 

The mask of stony indifference slid into place almost immediately, but Slade couldn’t hide from her anymore. She could feel that he was pleased by her compliment, if maybe a little embarrassed. Not wanting to make him any more uncomfortable, she let him off the hook and turned to Bastian. 

“How long have I been asleep?” 

“About two days.” 

“Well, that would explain it.” She shifted, moving Cord to the side and off of her bladder. “I have to pee.” 

Cord covered his mouth with his hand and giggled so hard his face turned bright red. His laughter was so infectious, but it didn’t help her situation when she giggled with him. 

Bastian just grinned, but Slade looked completely mortified by the mention of bodily functions. It made her laugh harder. 

“Oh, stars. Okay, take him.” Without hesitation, she lifted Cord and dropped him right into Bastian’s lap before climbing down from the high mattress. 

Her legs shook, and she wobbled slightly, needing to grab the end post to keep herself steady. She also felt a little lightheaded, and her stomach gurgled with hunger, but food would have to wait. 

“I’ve got it,” she insisted when Slade offered her a hand. 

Grunting, he stooped to lift her into his arms, cradling her against his chest. “Stop being so stubborn, female.”

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~ New Release - 3013: PRIMAL ~

Today is the release of 3013: PRIMAL!

The 13th book in this best selling sci-fi/futuristic series!

Now available at:

Reva Golaris is a Helios shifter who has lost everything. After her mother and two of her fathers were killed in a brutal attack on New Vega, she has no time to grieve. Her need to avenge their deaths drives her into a killing rage that no one can stop. Not even the one male she has dreamed of giving her heart to…the brother of her enemy. 

For years, Lord Malik Rego never thought he would find the one female he wanted to claim as his own, until he met Reva Golaris. The fierce beauty captivated him, but everything changed when he discovered his sister, Quilla, is behind a criminal empire. Malik will bear the shame of his sister’s crimes for all time, but it is impossible to ask for Reva to do the same. 

With their future in peril, Malik will have to push Reva away to save her. However, she has other plans that don’t include surrender. During a race across the galaxy, sacrifices will be made, and bonds will be broken. Will their love be strong enough to conquer the stain of betrayal, or will their savage natures be more than they can control?

Revenge is sweet, but vengeance is primal.


Malik made his way down to the training area on one of the lower levels, and he heard the sound of fists hitting flesh, and the grunts and groans that came from people in combat. Unsure of what he was going to do, he took a deep breath before entering the room.

Then he thought his head was going to explode.

Reva was fighting Darius and Rob Perez, wearing nothing but a sports bra and shorts that were so tiny they barely covered her privates. Her hair was pulled back with a leather strap, and each of them was wearing gel sparring gloves to soften the blows, but that wasn’t helping much as she beat on two males that wouldn’t hit her back. Malik barely saw Amari sitting on a stack of mats, swinging one of her legs back and forth as she watched the fight. Fury surged through him as he saw both Matt and Lazio watching her with eyes glazed with appreciation.

He wanted to punch each male in the face, then he noted Reva doing just that to Darius with her gloved fist. A hard kick to Rob’s stomach sent him sprawling, and he gasped for air on the ground as Darius threw her over his shoulder, then touched a hand to his bleeding nose. While he was distracted, she used her legs to bring him down with her, then flipped back onto her feet.

 Rob jumped back up to his feet, and when they both squared off again, Reva met Rob with a furious volley of kicks and punches, moving faster he did. Even enhanced, the elite had a difficult time matching the natural strength and speed of a Helios. It was a beautiful thing watching Reva in motion. Her grace and skill was like a deadly dance, and he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Though, this wasn’t a normal sparring session.

He could see a fury in her eyes, but he also saw an emptiness there that worried him. As he watched her battle the two larger males, he finally understood what Kahla had been trying to tell him. Reva’s guilt and rage were living, breathing entities inside of her, and if she didn’t stop blaming herself, it was going to consume her. He could see it in the desperate way she fought, as if Darius and Rob were demons she needed to conquer.

He’d wanted to avoid her, to stop being around her, but it had been the right course of action. He could see that now. His own guilt had been blinding him. Putting an end to their relationship wasn’t what was best for her…or him. No, it would just make both of them suffer more. Reva Golaris was his only chance of salvation. She could save him, and in return he would devote his life to giving her everything she’d ever wanted.

And he would love her until he took his very last breath.

Malik was aware of Matt walking up beside him, but he didn’t take his eyes off the combatants on the mats. They both winced as Reva hit Darius with a left cross. Malik knew that Darius would never hurt a female, but he was having a difficult time holding back while stopping her from taking his head off. When Rob attacked again, Darius took the opportunity to wrap an arm around Reva’s neck from behind.

“Stop.” The command was out before Malik could hold it back. He really didn’t like seeing his brother touching his female. In fact, it made him want to rip Darius’ arm off. His warrior immediately let go of Reva and took a few steps back out of her reach. Rob glanced at him, then mirrored his motion.

Reva swung her head around to glare at him. “I wasn’t done with them.”

“Yes, you are. If you want to continue fighting, you can fight me.” Malik stepped forward onto the mats as Darius and Rob walked off. Reva was breathing hard, her chest heaving, and he had to force himself not to look down at her breasts.

Her amber eyes narrowed, and she hissed…actually hissed at him. For some strange reason, it made him want to laugh or take her down to the floor so he could make love to her. Energy was coming off her in waves, and he felt it growing stronger the closer he got. When he was standing in front of her, he felt his energy connect with her, and called himself a fool for almost giving up on what they could have together.

But he was done holding back now.

Her fist flew at his face with no warning, but he slapped her arm away and moved out of the way. Defense was not his usual play, since he usually liked to be on the attack, but he had enough battle experience to know how to fight without hurting her.

“What are you doing? Fight back, damn you,” she growled. “Fight me!”

“That’s not going to help you. If you need to fight, we can do this, but I’m not going to hurt you. I won’t hurt you, Reva. Ever.”

She attacked with new fervor, her hands jabbed, and her legs kicked at any open spots she could find.

After several minutes, he wrapped his arms around her, one around her waist, and another holding onto her neck, her back to his front. They were both panting for breath, but not just from exertion now. Fighting with her was exhilarating, and he wasn’t the only one who felt it. He could sense it, read it in her energy, and he knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

“Is this really making you feel better, helicca?” he whispered. “You’re tired and need to rest. You have to stop this.”

“What do you care?” she hissed. “You’re just after an energy boost.”

“That’s insulting to both of us,” he snapped. “I want more than just energy from you.”

“What do you want, then?”

“You. All of you.”

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~ Now Available for Pre-Order - 3013: PRIMAL ~

3013: PRIMAL

The 13th book in this best selling sci-fi/futuristic series!

Now available for Pre-Order at:

Reva Golaris is a Helios shifter who has lost everything. After her mother and two of her fathers were killed in a brutal attack on New Vega, she has no time to grieve. Her need to avenge their deaths drives her into a killing rage that no one can stop. Not even the one male she has dreamed of giving her heart to…the brother of her enemy. 

For years, Lord Malik Rego never thought he would find the one female he wanted to claim as his own, until he met Reva Golaris. The fierce beauty captivated him, but everything changed when he discovered his sister, Quilla, is behind a criminal empire. Malik will bear the shame of his sister’s crimes for all time, but it is impossible to ask for Reva to do the same. 

With their future in peril, Malik will have to push Reva away to save her. However, she has other plans that don’t include surrender. During a race across the galaxy, sacrifices will be made, and bonds will be broken. Will their love be strong enough to conquer the stain of betrayal, or will their savage natures be more than they can control?

Revenge is sweet, but vengeance is primal.

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~ Guest: Kali Argent - 3013: REVOLUTION ~

Hi everyone! I just wanted to take a minute to tell you all how much I appreciate you! I know there have been some bumps in the road lately, but you've been so patient and understanding. This release wasn't ideal. There were so many problems with Amazon, none of which I could do anything about, but you guys were right there with me. You were frustrated, disappointed, angry on my behalf, and it made the entire situation seem less burdensome. 3013 readers are the best! You are truly rockstars, and I know I speak for Laurie as well when I say that we appreciate every damn one of you.

I'm also going to address the elephant in the room.

Laurie and I were just as surprised when Susan Hayes left the series as you guys were. However, these things will inevitably happen when you have several creative persons in the same virtual room. I wish her well in her future projects, but I promise you, this will not impact the 3013 Series. Laurie Roma and I have many more years worth of stories planned out for your reading enjoyment. Some sweeter. Many action-packed. Suspense, secrets, lies, mysteries, love, sex, and all those other wondrous things that make life amazing. 

So, again, from my heart, thank you for just being you. You're the cheese to my macaroni. Without you, I'm just another wet noodle. 

XOXO - Kali Argent


By all rights, Helios shifter Sion Jabari shouldn’t be on Xenthian. According to his own mother, he shouldn’t even be alive. His life hasn’t been an easy one, and after witnessing how greed and the desire for power can corrupt something as pure as love, he wants no part of it. When he takes a companion, he swears it will be for all the right reasons, and more importantly, it will be his choice. A noble plan, but one that’s complicated by the arrival of Rya Clearwater—a lovely female fate has selected just for him.

Vasera Rya Clearwater understands too well how the quest for power can destroy innocent lives. It’s been almost a millennium since her parents died, but she still dreams about the night it happened. Instead of dwelling in the past, though, she’s dedicated herself to her people, to protecting them from the suffering she’s endured, and for a thousand years, she’s been content. She isn’t prepared for the intense feelings Sion invokes in her, but suddenly, being merely content is no longer enough. So, while the shifter may be hesitant to accept their connection, she’s not going to give up without a fight. They’re meant to be together, and she’ll do whatever it takes to prove it to him.

Unfortunately, convincing Sion that fate is real and nothing to be feared is the least of her troubles. Reeling from a series of attacks, the people of Xenthian are nervous, on guard, and looking to their leaders for answers. Answers, Rya doesn’t have. In a reality where secrets are currency and lies flow like water, Sion and Rya will have to put aside their differences and work together if they hope to bring peace to a world they no longer recognize. Can their love flourish in the midst of turmoil, or will their relationship wither in the darkness that has descended over the planet?

Trust no one. Suspect everything. Be prepared.

This is the Revolution.    



“Come.” Taking his hand, Rya tried to pull him toward the markers. “One of my people didn’t have a family,” she explained. “We’ll light a flame for her.”

Sion planted his feet in the sand and shook his head. “I don’t have magic, princess, and I’m not even Xenon. I don’t think it would be appropriate.”

“You are my soulmate,” she insisted, “future Vasere of the Eastern Isle, so I’d say it is very appropriate.” She gripped his hand harder and tugged again. “Trust me. Please.”

Upon hearing his future laid out before him in such a way, Sion’s heart spluttered and the muscles in his throat constricted. Just as quickly as it had come, the panic faded, and he squeezed Rya’s hand, allowing her to lead him toward the pillars on the farthest row. He’d made his decision. He’d chosen her—not fate or destiny or some higher power—he had chosen.

“Hold out your hand,” she instructed, coming to a stop at an unilluminated orb halfway down the line. 

Without hesitation, he held his free hand out, palm up, and waited. 

Rya whispered under her breath, words he couldn’t hear but doubted he’d be able to translate if he could. Then she placed her hand over his, pressing their palms together and rubbing to create a gentle friction. When she pulled away, a small, black flame danced in his palm, the fire surprisingly cool against his skin. 

“What now, princess?”

In answer, she curled her fingers around his wrist and guided his hand toward the sphere, stopping just before his fingers touched the glass. “Fie mire.”

Fie mirue,” Sion repeated, unsurprised but still disappointed when nothing happened.

“Don’t just say it. Feel it.”

Frowning, Sion took a deep breath, squared his shoulders, and stared intently at the empty globe.

Next to him, Rya giggled under her breath as she rose up on her toes for a kiss. “It’s magic, my darling. We’re not going to war.” 

“Yeah, well, the two aren’t mutually exclusive, you know.” 

He liked the way she’d said “my darling,” and combined with her full lips against his, he liked it a little too much. A warm tingle started in his stomach but quickly spread throughout the rest of his body. His pulse raced, his head swam, and his cock began to swell inappropriately within the confines of his tights.

Without warning, the tiny, black flame leapt from his hand to the sphere—and promptly exploded. The glass turned to sand, raining down over them, and the top of the wooden post caught fire. From the crowd behind him, someone—who sounded suspiciously like Ivy—laughed. A deep, male chuckle followed, and before long, everyone gathered on the beach was laughing, including Rya. 

“Sorry,” Sion muttered, dropping his head to rub the back of his neck. “That wasn’t supposed to happen.”

With a few whispered words and a wave of her hand, Rya pieced the orb back together, extinguished the crackling fire, and replaced the black flame to its rightful place. Finished, she looked up at him with the most beautiful smile, her eyes crinkled at the corners and filled with warmth. 

“It was my fault,” she responded. “I shouldn’t have distracted you.”

Curling his arm around her waist, he pulled her to him and bent to touch his forehead to hers. “You can distract me anytime you want, princess. Well, maybe not when fire is involved.”


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~ New Release - Three New 3013 Novellas ~

Surprise! Kali Argent, Susan Hayes and I have three brand new 3013 Novellas available! These stories are perfect for those of you who love the series, and ideal for those of you who haven't yet had a chance to read the 3013 Series. Happy Reading!

3013: SYNERGY by Laurie Roma
3013: ASYLUM by Kali Argent
3013: SCARRED by Susan Hayes


Morgan Chavez is a Class-A Empath whose gift is her curse. Due to the strength of her ability, she has excelled as a liaison officer despite dealing with constant emotional overload. Her situation makes it impossible to have a relationship, and she’s been forced to give up the dream of having a family to call her own. Or so she believed…

Attending the grand opening of Alpha Station: X21 near the planet Xenthian was D’Aire Ambassador Orion D’Sil’s last assignment before returning home. Tired from a life of duty, Orion never thought he would find the keeper of his heart on the edge of Alliance controlled space. Morgan owns him, heart, body and soul, but can he convince her to give up everything she ever known to live with him in his world?

An Erotic Romance Novella.

“That’s it, I quit.”

Alliance Officer Morgan Chavez’s statement was met with a snort of derision from her commander. Truthfully, she’d expected nothing different from Alliance Commander Olivia Jacobson.

“It must be Wednesday,” Olivia said dryly. “You always quit on Wednesday.”

“It’s Tuesday. That should tell you how bad it is. I couldn’t even wait one fucking day to quit this time.” Heaving out a heavy sigh, Morgan didn’t wait for permission as she sat down on one of the chairs in front of the large desk. She propped her black boots up on the edge of the desk, then lowered the off-center zipper of her uniform jacket so she could breathe better.

There was no need for formality between two women since they were alone in the office. Morgan and Olivia had been friends since their days in the Academy, back when life had seemed much easier. Actually, that wasn’t true. Life had always been pretty fucking complicated, even back when she’d been young.

Her childhood hadn’t been all bad. In fact, she had been surrounded by love and laughter during the first few years of her life. Morgan had been born on an exploration vessel that had been sent out to discover and study other worlds.

After centuries of unrest, the nations had come together with one common goal in mind—to reach for the stars and explore all the possibilities that existed beyond Earth. The creation of space vessels powered by jump drives and other technology had made traveling to other galaxies possible, and humans had strived to explore all they could.

Morgan’s parents had left Earth on a voyage into deep space. Her mother had been a scientist, and her father had been second-in-command on the exploration vessel. She might not have had an average childhood, but she’d loved every second of growing up in space. The ship had been her playground, and the entire crew had been her family.

But things didn’t always go according to plan out in the big black.

The exploration vessel had been scheduled to be away from Earth for a maximum of ten years. They’d explored previously uncharted areas of space, and they had made sure to leave ample time for their return voyage. During their journey, they’d found several uninhabitable planets, and they’d also discovered a few that could have sustained a colony under the right conditions. They’d been on their way back to Earth to report their findings when their ship had encountered a strange anomaly.

A shimmering band of light had appeared in front of their vessel, and before they were able to change course, they’d entered a temporal rift, which created a fissure in space and time. In the matter of seconds, they had somehow lost sixty years, though they hadn’t realized that anything was different until they’d arrived back on Earth.

Then they’d realized everything had changed.

When humans announced to the universe that they were capable of traveling the stars, they had gained the attention of other beings…not all of which were benevolent. While Morgan’s family and the rest of the crew had been caught in the temporal rift, the Zyphir—a colony race of insect-like creatures that stood on two feet—came to Earth in 2960. The Zyphir had planned to annihilate the human race and deplete the world of all resources before they moved onto the next planet that suited their needs.

A brutal three-year war had destroyed much of Earth, and humans had been on the brink of losing the fight until three alien races arrived to help. The Zyphir were defeated as soon as the Dragon Warriors, D’Aire and the Krytos joined the battle, but the consequences of the war had left humans struggling to survive and large portions of the Earth in ruins.

Martial law had been declared, and the world was under the rule of the United Federation Command Alliance, or as it was more commonly called—the Alliance. To make matters worse, the Zyphir had left behind a deadly virus that had killed thousands, and altered the genetics of the survivors left on the planet. More accurately, the virus seemed to attack the female reproductive systems, leaving most women on Earth infertile. No matter how advanced medical technology had become, the cause for the infertility remained untreatable.

When the exploration vessel returned to Earth, they witnessed the aftermath of the war that had been waged in their absence. It wasn’t long before the virus infected every single member of the crew. Morgan and another young boy that had been born of the vessel, Matt Malloy, were the only survivors.

With their families gone and nowhere to go, they had been left at the mercy of the Alliance. While they had been gone from the planet, it had become mandatory for all children to be tested when they turned ten to determine if they would be taken for military service. Only the strongest and brightest were chosen to receive genetic enhancements to become elite soldiers. The elites were bigger and stronger than normal humans, with increased reflexes and heightened senses. These enhancements were encoded into their genes, and would be passed onto their children.

And their enhanced genetics were the future of the human race.

Both Morgan and Matt had been too young to be tested. However, since they were alone in the new world, the Council of Regents—the governing body of the Alliance—allowed for them to receive the genetic enhancements in order to save their lives. The virus had weakened them, but a regiment of enhancement drugs and other medical treatments over a year ensured that Morgan and Matt recovered completely.

Morgan had just turned eight when she and Matt entered the Academy—the place where all elites trained. She’d been the youngest recruit there, however, she’d had the advantage of acclimating to her own enhancements years before her fellow classmates. Since she’d been born in deep space, what Morgan had known about Earth’s history were just stories, so she didn’t miss much of the old ways.

Still, there were some parts of her new life that she didn’t like.

Staring at her friend across the desk was enough to remind Morgan of the one thing she hated the most about Alliance rules and regulations. Both Morgan and Commander Jacobson had been marked with a star tattoo on the right side of their faces, declaring that they were both infertile.

Some human women were tattooed with specialized scroll marking on the right side of their faces, signifying they were what men coveted most—a breeder, one of the few women able to have children. The scroll tattoo became darker with age, turning a mercurial black when they became of age. When a woman was chosen, the two elite soldiers that claimed her would have their initials tattooed on the left side of her face, marking her as theirs for the world to see.

In return, the men would have a similar tattoo placed on their left neck, shoulder, arm and torso as a sign of pride to have claimed a woman. These markings took the place of archaic symbols such as wedding bands to declare them a bonded unit. Fertile females were also implanted with nanotechnology that made it impossible for them to get pregnant until their birth control was deactivated when they were claimed, or if they chose to have it done any time after their eighteenth birthday.

Morgan hadn’t had to worry about that since the virus had robbed her of her chance to have the family she always wanted. She knew that having children was the only way that humans would continue to thrive, but she hated wearing a brand upon her face that showed the world that she was lacking.

“So, what has you quitting this week?” Olivia asked as she swiped her finger across the tablet she held in her hand, bringing Morgan back to the present.

“Actually, it’s all your fault this time.”

“Oh, really?” Olivia lifted a brow as she set the tablet aside. “How am I to blame?”

“Because you asked me to greet Regent Marks’ group to escort them to their quarters this morning.”

“I thought you liked Regent Marks.”

“I do…sort of. I’ve only met him a few times when I was working in the Capital, but he has some new fucktards on his security detail that I really didn’t like. Two in particular. Officers Denver and Brinkman thought I should be willing to share their bed while they’re here since I’m just a star who should be grateful for their attention.”

Olivia tapped her finger to her lower lip before she said, “Are you telling me Officer Fucktard and his sidekick, Officer Scumbag, are currently in the medical unit trying to retrieve their balls after you kicked them into their stomachs?”

Morgan let out a little snort at that. “I should have, but I held back. I did give them a pretty impressive verbal bitch-slap, though.”

“Satisfying, but you could have reported them and made sure they paid for their insult to you. You know I don’t tolerate that shit on my station.”

Shaking her head, Morgan said, “I know. Plus, Director James is still a little pissed at me for what happened last week.”

“Director Tight-ass needs to get over that,” Olivia said sharply. “Those elites were drunk, and you had every right to give them a beat down. I would have done the same if I’d been there, and I told James that.”

Morgan laughed. “Which is just another reason why I love you.”

Last week, she and two female security officers had been asked to escort three Tarin females to Asylum, where they had been granted sanctuary. Tartarus was a relatively new ally to the Alliance. Known as the Dark Planet, Tartarus was home to a barbaric, demon-like race that fed off the energy of others. The Tarins had recently ended a civil war that had been raging on their planet for years, and many of the females that had been kept as slaves now sought to escape to space stations and other planets, far from their old lives.

The three Tarin females had been nervous and frightened when they had landed, and their fear had increased when the group of drunk elites had blocked their path in the hallway. One of the drunk men had stumbled into a security officer, and a fight had broken out. Fueled by everyone else’s emotions, Morgan had lost control of her own temper, and she’d torn into the group of elites like some sort of crazed berserker.

When people were given the enhancement drugs, there was no way to tell exactly how it would affect each individual. Morgan had been one of those that had gotten a little something extra from the genetic boost. She was now considered a Class-A Empath, meaning she could feel or sense the emotions of others.

As a liaison officer, that talent came in handy, which was the reason why most empaths were steered toward that particular division. But Morgan’s abilities had turned out to be her curse. She had to work hard to keep from being swamped by other people’s feelings just being around them, and it was ten times worse if she actually touched someone. It was as if she were a sponge for other people’s energy. Whatever they were feeling, she would feel, almost like a contact high.

But when the rush of emotions faded, it left her feeling sick and shaky.

Her abilities were so strong that she could even read residual emotions off objects right after someone touched them, so Morgan tried to wear gloves to minimize contact as much as possible. But when she was in a situation like she had been in the hallway with the security officers and drunk elites fighting, there was no way for her to stop the barrage of emotions from taking over.

A red haze had taken over Morgan, and in a few seconds all the drunks were groaning on the ground. She had always excelled in hand-to-hand, but there was one tiny drawback whenever she was in a combat situation. After the emotional high was over, Morgan had raced over to an alcove in the hallway, promptly losing the contents of her stomach into one of the waste receptacles.

It was an embarrassing side effect to what she thought of as sensory overload.

Thinking back on the incident, Morgan pushed back one of her wild, chestnut-colored curls that had escaped from her ponytail. When she had been stationed in the Capital, she always had to keep her long hair up in a bun while she was on duty. Her hair was the one vanity she allowed herself, even when it was a pain in the ass keeping the long, unruly curls tamed.

She fought the urge to rub her temples in defense of the low-grade headache that lurked there as she remembered how her new director had reacted when she’d told him that she and the two security officers had put five elites in the medical unit. Director James had been furious with her for acting that way in front of the three Tarin females, although, the females hadn’t been afraid of her.

In fact, the Tarin females seemed to like her quite a bit after seeing her in action. They’d even asked for self-defense training, and Morgan had arranged for some of the female officers onboard to teach them when they were off duty.

“I know Director James means well, but he really is a tight-ass,” Morgan admitted. “I want to like him, but sometimes he makes it so hard.”

“He was just promoted and needs to relax a little. Don’t worry, he’s going to have to ease up while he’s under my command,” Olivia promised with a grin. “I wish I could have seen the fight. You’re pretty impressive when you lose control.”

“Yeah, but then you’d have to watch me throw up after.”
Olivia winced. “I forgot about that part.”

“I guess it’s a good thing I can’t have kids. Could you imagine what would happen if I had a baby who cried all the time? I’d be puking my guts out everywhere.”

Olivia saw the sadness in Morgan’s emerald green eyes, despite her attempt at levity. Since they’d known each other for years, she knew that regardless of what Morgan said, what she desired most was a family. Olivia had gotten her dream of becoming an Alliance Commander, but Morgan’s empathic abilities made it difficult for her get what she wanted.

Morgan was a strong empath, and the Alliance wouldn’t let a talent like hers go to waste even though she hated her job. Until she found what she was looking for, Olivia would shield her friend as best she could so Morgan could live her life in relative peace. It was why she had requested Morgan’s transfer from the Capital to Alpha Station: X21 when Olivia was given command of the new space station.

Olivia looked down as her wrist unit signaled. She read the display, and didn’t hesitate to ignore the incoming call. “I’ve been getting calls all damn week. Sometimes I want to throw my wrist unit against the wall.” When her office link signaled a few seconds later, she sighed. “I love being in charge of a new, state-of-the-art space station, but it means everyone wants to come here to check it out.”

Morgan laughed. “And I know how much you hate dealing with people.”

Olivia shrugged. “They usually want things…and they feel this need to talk about shit I really don’t care about. Like I give a fuck if this is the furthest someone has been out in space. Sometimes, people just suck.”

“Poor Commander Jacobson. How dare people bother you with such mundane information,” Morgan mocked with a grin. “I have no sympathy for you. Compared to the amount of idiots I have to deal with, you have no reason to complain. Besides, most of the people you talk to everyday you can just order to leave you the hell alone.”

“Very true. Or hide in my office like I’m doing now. I was out there earlier, and there were people everywhere.” Olivia shuddered comically. “I’m going to be so damn happy when this grand opening bullshit is over.”

“I can’t wait to hear your speech for that.” Morgan tried to hold back her laughter when Olivia’s face paled slightly.

“I…have to give a speech? You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope. Not at all. You’re the commander here. You have to welcome everyone, and I don’t know, declare the space station officially open or something.”

“Can’t I do that with a freaking memo?”

“Not a chance. Speaking of memos,” Morgan began as her own wrist unit beeped. She looked down at the message and sighed. “I have to get going. Some of the off-loaders that recently arrive have space sickness and are out of commission for a few days. Director James offered me up as a temporary replacement to help do inventory in the storage areas as punishment for what happened last week.”

“That man needs to needs to learn how to relax, or he’s not going to last long here. We’ve got enough shit to worry about located near this new planet we know practically nothing about. I don’t need a director that no one can work with here on X21.”

“Everyone else gets along with him okay…he and I just seem to clash. He’s just one of those people that thinks I should be able to control my abilities better. You know, tough love to push me to my full potential,” Morgan said in a mockingly deep tone.

“That’s just stupid.”

“True, but I’ve dealt with it before. Some people don’t understand that my abilities work differently than other empaths.” She sighed. “At least I don’t have to deal with anymore people today. I’m tired of being nice.”

“Suck it up, buttercup. Day’s not over yet.”

“Don’t remind me,” Morgan moaned as she stood and zipped up her uniform jacket.

“Go take a nap in one the storage areas like the rest of the off-loaders do.”

Morgan laughed at that, and headed toward the entrance as the commander’s young, fresh-faced assistant appeared when the doors slid open.

“I’m so sorry to bother you, Commander Jacobson. I was just notified by security that there’s been another…umm, incident at Asylum. You told me you wanted to be informed when—I mean, if it happened again.”

“Damn it!” Olivia’s expression darkened as she slapped her palms down on the desk and rose to her feet. “I can’t get through one damn day without those two males trying to maim their customers. I swear I’m going to kill them this time!”

Morgan wasn’t surprised that security had been notified…again, since the sanctuary was a hotspot of activity. After all, Asylum lived up to its name in spades. However, she was fascinated by the mix of anger and interest that flared within her friend as she ranted. A part of her felt bad that she was peeking into Olivia’s personal feelings, but then again, it’s not like she had a choice.

She was friends with Zade Tavish, one of the two brothers that ran Asylum. The older brother, Axton, was intimidating as hell, but she respected him. The lower level of the sanctuary was probably the most secured and well-protected area on the space station, and that was where the three Tarin females were currently living. Still, the bar upstairs was a favored place for patrons to let loose and have fun. Since all Krytos sanctuary’s operated by their own set of rules, it seemed like the security force on the station still hadn’t figured out how to handle the Tavish brothers.

“I’ve had enough of this shit!” Olivia raged as stormed out of her office.

Morgan followed her furious friend out, then watched as Olivia stomped down the hallway. Her friend’s anger at the two Krytos brothers made her smile, and she couldn’t help to call out, “Suck it up, buttercup!”

“Suck this.” Olivia’s hand shot up into the air.

Morgan laughed when her friend held up her middle finger in an old human gesture that had lasted throughout the years. Feeling lighter, Morgan turned and headed down the hallway in the opposite direction. She wished she could have been at the sanctuary to watch the explosion when Olivia confronted the Krytos brothers, but she had responsibilities to deal with instead.

A nap wasn’t a bad idea, Morgan thought with a sigh. Not that she’d really do that when she was supposed to be working. Maybe. She didn’t mind helping with inventory, though, and dealing with supplies was preferable to dealing with people at the moment. She might as well enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasted.

Perhaps she should plan to get punished more in the future.


*   *   *

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