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  1. I Sooo Love your books I've read the Arkadians and the bad boys so many times I'm happy they are on my kindle because I would have worn the books out I'm sorry to here you weren't feeling g well and are So Happy you are adjusting to new regime of meds and vitamins
    Thank you for your wonderful Mind and your writing skills I have read most of your book's but the two I listed first are by far my favorite take care of your self. I just wanted to give you a quick note to let you know you are very Much appreciated keep up the good work

    Thank you Renee VF

  2. I'm rereading your IAD series and want more. Would love to see Liz and Sal's story, and how about Jenna and her two men? I know the stories would be great. Would love to read all those. Am loving your Lucky series too. And the Arkadians but I was first hooked on your 3013 series. Just wanted you to know that and appreciate all your writings. Keep it up!!