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~ Symposium - Cool for the Summer ~

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my August Symposium!

Each Symposium, I ask my friends and fellow authors to weigh in on a variety of subjects, but this month I thought I would do something a little different. Because summer is coming to an end, I thought it would be fun to ask some awesome READERS what their favorite genres are right now. Read on to see what they had to say about what their current favs are and why! 

LAURIE ROMA: I may be an author, but I'm also someone who loves to read for pleasure. Just like the music on my iPod, I have eclectic tastes when it comes to reading, and most of my choices depends on my mood. Sometimes, I enjoy a sweet romance or a kick-ass paranormal. Then again, I might pick up a time-travel romance, while other times I like a good murder mystery. That said, I think my favorite genre is romantic suspense, though. I love a layered storyline, where the characters have to struggle through a complex plot while also finding time to fall in love. What could possibly be better than that?

Katra Tesera is a female Dragon Warrior on a mission. Unsatisfied with the life her family wishes for her back on her home world, she seeks something more for her own future. When the opportunity to visit Earth arises, Katra is eager for the excitement and adventure of traveling the stars. She believes she is ready for whatever lies at the end of her journey, but nothing can prepare her for meeting her mate…the dark and dangerous Tarin warrior, Lord Jaden Tor.

Warlord Jaden Tor is a dedicated leader who is fighting a civil war to save his people. He has always known his path in life, but everything changes the moment he meets the dark-haired beauty with glowing silver eyes. Jaden wants to claim her for his own, however, there is more at stake than his own happiness… 

When legacies are challenged, and with Tartarus in turmoil, can Jaden and Katra find a way to be together, or will their love be shattered by the chaos that threatens everything around them?


SHERI V: My favorite genres right now are contemporary romantic suspense and paranormal romance. I like it with any kind of pairing of characters, so that leaves me with all kinds of books to choose from. I think I like contemporary romantic suspense, because it has the mystery while still being believable, and I adore paranormal romance because it allows me to escape into a whole new world. As long as the story gives me a great setting, a strong heroine(or hero in my MM) and a hero(or a second heroine in my FF) I’d actually fall in love with even if they have to do some redeeming, I’ll read it. I love all things romance and am always looking for more books to read and feature on my blog, For the Love of Bookends.

ALI M: Firstly, thanks Laurie for inviting me.  Summer for me is from November in Oz, but I can do the cool part because its wintertime now. Hmmmm, I must admit to swapping often between genres.  First love is Sci-Fi and in my to read pile is Linnea Sinclair’s Hope’s Folly & Tracey St Clair – Clan & Conviction. Next favorite group, spy/espionage/military stories and in my pile is Kennedy Lane CSA Case Files, also Lexi Blake’s Masters & Mercenaries series I am up to book 5. Tightrope by Bella Juarez is her 6th book in the Black Ops Brotherhood & Monette Michaels has a new book I’ll buy next. I enjoy Paranormal, I mean who doesn’t love a hunky shifter and Bianca D’Arc’s Matt has just been released, so making time this weekend to read her latest. Then perhaps Madisons Stevens Lucius from Luna Lodge soon after. So many choices from a great group of authors. Thank you all for your hard work.

DARIA B: My favorite genres wow, first it would have to be BDSM, not because it seems like the in thing because of those books/movie, but because I'm in the lifestyle (not active) and yes I know the difference between book and real. BDSM has a bad reputation mostly. I cringed a few times when I heard women say what they thought BDSM was, things like "oh I’m too strong a person do to that or I’m not letting anyone hit me." It was sad in a laughable way. If you manage to read a good BDSM book you will see the difference out there between the quick cookie cutter versions. Menage is my next fave just because it just doesn't get a lot of spot light. People would rather whisper that they like it. (grins) When I say ménage I mean either of MMF or MFM. It’s enjoyable to see the dynamic and how the tri couple grows into each other. The last genre ill pop up here is paranormal anything that shifts I'm all about it, mmm vampires are just hot. It would be fun to see other rare type shifters and no not snakes. I think Faith Gibson has a series with some sexy gargoyles. (smiles) The fight between human and beast or hell just your inner human self is something to nurture. Now an awesome book? Would be if I could get all three of the genre's in one book. *winks* 

JOLANDA L: First of all thanks for asking me to be a part of your August Symposium, Laurie. I feel honored to be a part of it. I like to read different genres, but mostly I love the shifter romance genre, paranormal/vampire romance genre, science fiction/alien romance genre and currently also the genre with mild BDSM and bondage, I don’t know with genre this is. I like this genre’s because the ladies are strong, outspoken and funny woman and the man are arrogant, dominant and bossy. The stories are well written and steamy, at least from the authors I like to read my books from. Don’t know if it is allowed, but here are some of my favorite authors; S.E. Smith, Avery Gale, Celia Kyle, Becca Van, and last but definitely not least Laurie Roma and her co-authors from the series 3013. If those authors ever decide to stop writing I’m going to grieve very very deep, so please everyone don’t do that to me.

ANGELA G: I love almost all genres of books. When readers are pulled into the world of the book, laughing and crying with the characters, stress melts away and the worries and hassles of the day are gone. With that said, I have been leaning more towards the paranormal and sci-fi genres to read. I love the ideas of mystical and mythological heroes and heroines. Sci-fi seems to be the storylines that I am pulled more towards because it allows me to fall into new worlds that I have not read about before. My imagination takes me on a rollercoaster ride from the beginning of the book to the end, which is normally around one a.m. when I finished reading.

JOLANDA L (LovesToRead): My favorite top 3 reads are paranormal romance, science fiction romances and dystopian romances. For years I have been reading contemporary and historical romances. Till Twilight and a whole new world opened for me and then I stumbled on Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright and I was sold for wolf shifters. While looking for wolf shifters I found Laurann Dohner I just love her New Species series & Cyborg series. I love to read not only with these genres but other genres as well, it takes me to a whole other place. I am just in the stories I read. I am the heroine. And if anybody ask me a question while I am reading I don't hear anything so engrossed I am with a story! Thank you Laurie for having me, I am so so honored!

TINA B: First off, I would love to thank Laurie for inviting me to share my favorite Cool for the Summer reads. I personally love to just plain fall in love. It is why I review simple love of the reading. My favorite genres, oh boy that is hard!  I personally love them all, why? Every genre has something to offer. I want to sink into a story and feel a part of that world. I want to cheer for your characters and cry with them too. MM paranormal shifter is a top pick for me. I cannot say no to a good werewolf story. Give me furries and I am happy.  I am also getting more into futuristic sci-fi.  It really surprised me how much I love some of the new authors doing this genre. It was not a favorite of mine for a while so I love the twists and turns some of the authors are bringing to the genre making it fresh and new. Over all I am mostly interested in well written story that makes me forget the real world for just a little while. After all that is what a great story does.

JONELLA M: I've been reading romances for over 40 years, ever since I "borrowed" a Harlequin romance from my aunt in 1973. During these years I have read every genre of romance there is, but I always have had favorites. I really enjoy science fiction romances tremendously, mostly because I have to use my imagination more. Creating a whole new world or environment is much more challenging both for the author and reader. I also enjoy romantic suspense, as I like having some tension in the plot. Some historical novels appeal to me, but I admit that I'm picky about those. I have to have read something by the author that I enjoyed in order to buy one. The only genres I don't care for are horror and very dark romances. I'm also not a fan of vampires. I do want a HEA in books I read. The world is a hard enough place for me without those.

CHERIE C: Hi there, well I am actually experiencing winter on the other side of the World at the minute. As an avid reader of nearly all genres, I have been kept entertained by so many talented authors, throughout these relatively cold months. So Favourite genre to read currently is Urban Fantasy, which some also call paranormal. I am loving escaping into worlds where story lines can be as fanciful as – A Vampire, Faere Prince and Thief living and loving together. Adding in that the Thief’s best friends are a Witch and a Werewolf!!! Reading of Angels, Vampires and Hunters who love each other and take care of New York City. Reading for me is an escape. I am a Dedicated Follower, I follow my favourite authors passionately. Cannot wait for more 3013.

MARIE W: First of all, thanks for having me! I'm here to talk about my favorite genre: paranormal romance. This includes (at least for me) everything from aliens to shifters to vamps to fae. It's a crazy world(s) out there to explore and there's always room for more. As long as the backstory is good and the mythology isn't too overly complicated or obscure, you're good to go. Lately, there has been a well spring of step romance and I've been happy to read and read and read. What I love best about these stories is that the MCs find love in unconventional places. I think that love shouldn't be limited to what others out there think is right/wrong. It is your life to live, not theirs. With that, I can be found writing reviews of many books in the genres I just talked about on my blog, Discussions With Demons.

TINA M: Well first off I want to give a shout out to Laurie Roma, she is one of my favorite authors to read cause she wrote Hammer and it is one of my favorite books. I love sport theme romance books, anything with MMA or football or baseball, and even soccer! I love to read Erotica and BDSM cause I think it is so sexy and fun! I love anything with a military theme cause I was in the Navy and my Husband just retire after 26 years in the Coast Guard and it is something I can relate to. I love reading romance about firefighters and cops and cowboys. I have so many books on my TBR,  I have lost count. Every time I read a book I feel calm and I can zone out and it just relax me and I am home. I just came back from overseas and I hope now I can finally meet some of my favorite authors and tell them to keep up the good work. I guess you can say I like all genres and I just love reading.

CINDY H: I really enjoy reading series like the 3013 series or books by S E Smith or Laura Jo Phillips or Cherise Sinclair. It let's you imagine what life would be like on the different worlds or in space. Or in a world with shifters, etc. It let's you escape into your imagination for a while, and in today's stressful world, that is a must. It helps a lot of people de-stress by reading and I live to read. I love the 3013 series and the different species of aliens everyone gets to meet through the authors' words.

ASHLEY B: First, I would like to thank Mrs. Roma for the invitation to write something for her blog!! It's such an honor and a privilege to be asked to do this. Growing up I wasn't much of a reader, but when I entered High School I had a friend who introduced me to the Harlequin novels. I instantly fell in love with them and couldn't put them down but I've since moved on from the dime novels onto bigger and better genres. So many types of books interest me now!! I love a good BDSM. There is something about a dominant and possessive man that just gets me all flustered!! I used to be all about Vampires, but then I read my first Alien romance and now I'm addicted to them!! I have to force myself to read slow to make them last longer. What I love most about alien romance is that their love spans an entire universe. In all honesty though, I will read just about anything. It just has to be all about romance. I love a good Cowboy romance. I mean come on who doesn't like hard-working, blue jean wearing, muscle rippling hunk and the occasional romp in the hay!! I also love hardcore bikers, ohh and shifters. In fact, put them together and they are yummy. I love how possessive they get and when they love, they love with everything they have!! There are so many I can't possibly list them all, but I'm so glad I have had the opportunity to talk about the ones I love the most!! Thank you so much!!

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~ Round Two of ARe's Hottest Hero Contest ~

My hero, Lord Jaden Tor, has made it to ROUND TWO of the ARe Hottest Hero contest! We need your support again, so vote and show some love!


Once Katra and Jaden were alone together, he straightened to his full height and used his most lordly tone when he said, “Tartarus is my world, and my word is law. Once we land, you will obey.”

“Keep dreaming, Tarin.” Katra turned on her heels, and headed for the door. 

Dismissed. She’d just fucking dismissed him. No one had ever tried the like with Jaden before. His people knew better, and anyone else would have been too concerned of his formidable wrath to even consider it. 

Katra was ready for it when he grabbed her arm and spun her around so she was facing him again, but she hadn’t been prepared for what would happen when he touched her skin for the first time. Energy surged up her arm from where his hand touched her and sent such a strong jolt of lust racing through her system that it made her snarl. She had to fight back the need to throw herself at him and take what belonged to her.

Jaden’s expression was furious as he shoved his face close to hers. “You will obey,” he repeated in a snarl of his own. “Or I will keep your sweet ass confined to the human outpost. I won’t have you flying off on your own and getting into trouble.”

“I am a Dragon Warrior. I do not need your protection.”

He flung her arm away from him as if touching her had burned him. “You do need protection…from yourself. You think you’re invincible, but you can still be killed.”

“I am more than capable defending myself—”

“Your magic be damned!” Jaden raged. “What good will your magic do if someone cuts off your head? I will not have your death on my hands. Don’t push me on this, Katra.”

Perhaps that was the problem. She hadn’t pushed him enough to deal with what was between them. Well, that was going to change. Katra’s glowing eyes flared bright with challenge. Reaching up, she used both of her hands to shove him back a step, then watched his eyes go comically wide with shock. 

“Do you really think me so unskilled that I cannot defend myself without my magic? Maybe I should show you just how capable I am.” 

She went to push him again, but he gripped her wrists. Turning around, she caught him off guard when she used the momentum to flip him over her shoulder. She’d expected him to fall flat on his back, but he used his own agility to twist and land on his feet. The move impressed her.

Damn, she wanted him.

“What in thunder do you think you’re doing? I’m not going to fight you, female.”

“Aye, you are. Show me your strength, if you dare,” Katra taunted. She could see a battle light enter his dark eyes, and it aroused her. Wanting to goad him further, she raised one hand and gestured him forward with two fingers. “Come, warrior. Do not worry, I will not hurt you…too much.”

He came at her fast. It was as if a switch had been turned off inside of him, and she was seeing the real Jaden for the first time. The thought thrilled her, and she struggled to hold back a grin as she countered each move with precision and skill.

It took great effort not to use her magic, but she was determined to meet him on even ground. They fought for supremacy, but both of them were careful not to really hurt the other. It was like they were doing some strange sort of dance, moving and counter-moving without thought. The restraint they used made the fight more a kind of ferocious foreplay, each of them testing their opponent’s weaknesses, while marveling at the other’s strengths. 

Chairs and tables were overturned as they continued to fight. They moved around the room, leaving destruction in their wake. His heavy muscles made it difficult to match his sheer strength, but she was faster and more agile than he was. She ran at the wall and used it as a springboard to launch herself over his head as he pulverized a table that was in his way to get to her. 

Katra thought she had propelled herself far enough, but she underestimated Jaden’s determination. In one motion, he turned, grabbed her around the throat and spun her around, slamming her back against the wall. Instinct had her striking out, but she pulled her punch before she made contact so she didn’t take his head off. Still, she ended up clipping him as he jerked his head to the side, right into the path of her fist.

“Enough!” Jaden snarled.

Their gazes met and held, both of them breathing hard. A small trickle of blood appeared at the side of his mouth from where she’d hit him. Katra wanted to lean in and taste him, to take him inside her so they would always be connected, except she couldn’t move. Couldn’t look away from his stormy eyes. Aye, he was angry, but there was something else in his dark gaze. 


She could feel his straining erection throbbing against her stomach as his large body pressed against hers. Feeling the hot, hard length of him made her knees go weak, and had her body slickening with wet heat. She let out a low moan, and couldn’t help rubbing herself against him. His answering curse was all the warning she got before his mouth slammed down on hers.

Jaden knew he was damning himself, but he couldn’t stop from taking her lips in a heated kiss so intense his entire body felt as if it would burst into flames. One arm wrapped around her, pulling her closer so he felt her full breasts press against his hard chest. He wished he could rip away his body armor so he could feel her skin-to-skin, wanting to be as close to her as possible. 

Letting out a low growl, he swiped his tongue over her lower lip, demanding access. She tried to turn her head away, but he refused to let her escape. His arm around her waist tightened like a steel band, and his other hand moved from her neck to wind her long, black hair around his fist. She let out a gasp as he pulled her head back, and he pushed his tongue deep, taking full possession of her mouth. 

Stars exploded behind his eyes, and a shiver of desire wracked his body as his tongue stroked against hers. The taste of her seemed to seep into him, so deep he was afraid he would always crave it…crave her. His throbbing cock pulsed, and he felt like his rigid shaft would explode any minute. Even through the material of his pants, feeling her against him was electrifying.

Then her fangs scraped along his lower lip, and he froze. 

Hellfire. Fangs. 

She was a Dragon Warrior…what the hell was he doing?

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~ ARe Hottest Hero Contest ~

Hi Everyone, I have some exciting news! My hero Lord Jaden Tor has been nominated in the ARe Hottest Hero contest! This is Round One of the contest, and I need your support!

Who is Lord Jaden Tor? Well, I'm glad you asked! 
Lord Jaden Tor is the hero from my latest release in the 3013 series -

Hero's profession: Lord Jaden Tor is one of the most powerful leaders on Tartarus, a volatile planet that is home to the Tarin, a barbaric, demon-like race that feeds off the energy of others.

Physical description of hero: Tall, dark, and extremely dangerous. As a prime Tarin male, Jaden has pure black eyes, jet-black hair, and golden skin covering thick, corded muscles.

Special skills: Jaden is a true warrior who fights with exceptional skill and accuracy. He has an air of authority and power that marks him as the deadly warlord he is. After Jaden's conversion, he has become a Tarin/Dragon Warrior hybrid, with the ability to wield magic and shift into his dragon form.

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