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~ New Release: Beauty ~

Beauty is Now Available Exclusively on Amazon!

Tessa Campbell is a woman in an impossible situation. As the owner of an event planning company, her days are usually filled celebrating the best moments of people's lives, but all of that changes when her father makes a grievous mistake that may cost him the job he loves. He is depending on her to fix his mistake, but nothing is ever as simple as it seems. In order to save him, she must find a way to reason with his boss...the man everyone calls The Beast.

Drake Vidal has a dangerous reputation. A ruthless business man who has taken Vidal Labs and Technology to the top of the industry, he expects perfection from everyone who works for him. He has never believed in love, but all it takes is one look at the gentle beauty that comes to him to plead for her father for him to lose his heart. Can she find a way to see beyond the savage veneer he portrays to the world to discover the good hidden beneath, or will she think he isn't worth taming? For who could ever really love a beast?

***This book was previously part of the limited edition Seduction at Midnight Anthology***


They called him The Beast.

Tessa Campbell thought the name was highly appropriate as she waited in the private reception area outside of Drake Vidal’s office at the corporate headquarters of Vidal Labs and Technology, located in the heart of downtown Chicago on a cold, windy Monday morning. The meeting had been set for ten o’clock, and she had arrived fifteen minutes early to ensure she was on time. It hadn’t mattered, though, since she’d been kept waiting for over an hour.

If given the choice, she never would’ve come. Would never have put herself in the position of being anywhere near Drake Vidal, but it couldn’t be helped. She’d made a promise to her father, and she would see it through, no matter the cost. 

From the research she had done on the reclusive man, Drake Vidal was a brilliant inventor of medical equipment, but he was also known as a corporate shark and pretty much an all-round ruthless bastard. She had found almost nothing about his private life when she had done her search for him on the Web, except for several pictures of him taken with a bevy of beauties on his arm. Not that he’d posed for those photos. 

Vidal was elusive, which made the media revere him as the mysterious millionaire of Chicago’s elite society. His obvious disdain for publicity did nothing to lessen people’s interest, but somehow, he’d been able to keep anyone from prying into his private life. Still, speculation about him ran rampant, but he didn’t seem to mind the bad press about himself as long as the news about his company remained positive.

Tessa liked to do extensive research when it came to her business. Details were key in her profession as an event planner who owned her own company with a partner she considered her best friend. Elegantly Yours had started out as a dream, but hard work and dedication had made it a reality. For some, throwing parties for a living seemed frivolous, but Tessa thought it was the perfect job. Whether it be weddings, anniversaries or a random holiday party, people entrusted her company with the important events of their lives and depended on them to make those days special. That was why it was important to know details about the people she was dealing with.

But Drake Vidal was an unknown variable...and that made him dangerous.

The room where Tessa waited had stark, white walls, black furniture and a gray, granite floor. On the walls hung black and white photographs with touches of red accents in plain black frames. The only other color came from the blood red roses that stood out of a crystal vase on a large pedestal in the center of the room. For some, the space would have been streamlined and ultra-modern, but for Tessa, it just showed a lack of emotional depth—and to be honest—she found it sort of depressing. 

Unlike other high-rises in the downtown area, the Vidal building was not one that welcomed those who didn’t belong there. From the moment she walked in, she’d felt like an outsider intruding in a foreign world where only the elite fit in.

Even dressed in one of her best suits, Tessa knew she didn’t belong. She had chosen a black suit she’d gotten on super sale and paired it with her favorite emerald, silk blouse she wore to give herself an extra boost of courage. She’d tried to hide her exhaustion under a thin layer of makeup, but knew she looked as weary as she felt. To save herself time, she’d pulled her long brown hair back with a clip, but the light flurries outside made wisps of hair escape to frame her face, making her look less professional than she would have liked.

Tessa’s wool coat had been taken from her when she had arrived on the top floor by a young woman who had been sent to lead her back to the private reception area. After the assistant hung Tessa’s coat up in a small, hidden closet, she sat down at a desk adjacent to a formidable looking older woman who guarded the gates to Vidal’s office. The woman introduced herself as Mrs. Potts, Vidal’s personal secretary. Her silver hair was pulled back in an elegant chignon, and her suit looked like something that could be worn to have tea with the royal family. She was intimidating, but her smile had been kind when she’d told Tessa that Mr. Vidal was running a few minutes behind and to take a seat in the lounge.

Tessa refused the offer of refreshments as she placed her black bag on the floor near her chair, and silently hoped the man inside the office would give her the chance to explain the situation. As she sat there, she noted the way the employees’ voices lowered reverently when they spoke to the admin that guarded the entrance to Vidal’s office. There was a hint of fear in their tones when they spoke of him, and hearing it just made Tessa’s anxiety increase. 

But if he thought making her wait would make her give up and leave, he’d thought wrong.

She was startled when Mrs. Potts called out, “Ms. Campbell, Mr. Vidal will see you now.”

“Thank you.” Taking a steadying breath, Tessa picked up her bag. Mrs. Potts nodded to her before leading the way to Vidal's office door. She softly rapped twice on the closed door, then pushed it open for Tessa to enter. 

And there he was.

Drake Vidal was a man who commanded attention without saying a word. 

The pictures Tessa had seen online were nothing compared to seeing him in person. He had striking features, with a hard, chiseled jaw, dark hair, and penetrating, laser blue eyes. His face looked like it had been carved from stone by a master artisan. Drake was devastatingly handsome in his dark-gray suit with a stark, white dress shirt. To some, the absence of a tie would make him seem more approachable, but Tessa thought it made the power he exuded even more pronounced. 

Standing behind his massive desk, Drake Vidal looked like a man who ruled his world with an iron fist. The quiet intensity of his gaze reminded her of a beast, ready to strike at the first sign of weakness, and it made his nickname seem highly appropriate. Saying that he was intimidating was an understatement, but Tessa was on a mission, and she was determined to see it through.

“Ms. Campbell. Have a seat.”

His voice was deep and rough as he gave the command. She heard the sound of the door closing behind her, and Tessa had to order herself to move forward when all she wanted was to turn around and run for safety. The sound of her heels clicking on the granite floor sounded overloud as she crossed the expanse of the large office. 

She noticed he waited until she was settled in one of the plush chairs facing his desk before he sat back down, surveying her like some king from his throne. She set her bag down so it was propped against side of the chair, then gripped her shaking hands together in her lap, hoping to mask the telltale sign of her nervousness.

If he asks me to tell him about myself, I’m out of here.

Tessa fought back a wave of nervous laughter as she struggled with how uncomfortable the situation was. It was now or never. “Mr. Vidal, I know this was a highly unusual request, but I would like to thank you for seeing me.”

Drake Vidal took his time studying the dark-haired beauty that sat across from him. He knew she was nervous. Most people were when they met with him, but he was impressed she met his gaze head-on without looking away as most usually did.

He had deliberately made her wait. 

At first, he’d been annoyed when he discovered she had come instead of her father, but he found himself intrigued enough to take the meeting. He’d looked over the file on Tessa Campbell his faithful admin had compiled for him while she waited in his private reception area. There wasn’t much in the file, but he had enough to know who she was and what she did.

It impressed him even more the way she bore his silent scrutiny without fidgeting as she patiently waited. He’d deliberately kept his office dark so he was partially cast in shadows, but he could see her clearly in the light streaming in from the windows. She had a stunning face, with delicate features, flawless skin and pretty hazel eyes that were wary as she gazed at him. When coupled with the dark hair that framed her face, she looked younger than the twenty-six years he knew she was.

Still, Drake wouldn’t let a pretty face sway his decision over what must be done. 

Patrick Campbell was one of the most talented biomedical engineers Drake had, but there were consequences for violating the strict confidentiality clause in the contracts all Vidal employees had to sign when they started working at the company. It pained Drake to lose such a brilliant mind, but he couldn’t allow for the breach of the contract terms to go unpunished. He touched the folder containing the severance papers that had been prepared for the meeting, but having Patrick’s daughter show up changed his plans. Pushing the folder aside, Drake leaned back in his chair.

“Why are you here, Ms. Campbell?”

Drake wanted to sigh as she flinched at his curt question. He had little tact and barely took the time to deal with formal niceties, but he hadn’t meant to sound so abrupt. Basically, his people skills sucked, and he knew it. He was well aware of his reputation and what most people thought of him. It had taken courage for her to come, and he didn’t want to make this harder than it already was. He tried to soften his expression as he waited for her to speak, but could see it did little good to put her at ease. 

Tessa’s throat felt dry as a desert, and she swallowed, trying to regain her composure. “I know it was presumptuous of me to come here when you ordered—I mean, when you asked my father to be here today. I needed to meet with you to tell you the article that was posted yesterday about your company’s new product wasn’t his fault. Well, it was, but it wasn’t.”

“That clears it up,” Drake said dryly. “Patrick has worked for me for years and knows the consequences of his actions. He violated the confidentiality clause when he spoke to that reporter about the project he’s been working on.”

“He didn’t know that man was a reporter, I swear he didn’t. I know what he did was wrong, but he’s dedicated his life to the work he does for you. It’s the number one priority in his life, and he would never willingly jeopardized that.”

“But he did,” Drake said with conviction. “Ms. Campbell—”

“Please, call me Tessa.”

“Fine. Tessa, even if the prototype for the new scanner is complete, it will be launched under my directive at the time of my choosing, not of my employee’s and certainly not the media’s.”

“I understand. That man took advantage of my dad. I’m not trying to excuse what he did, but this is a bad time of year for my father...for us.” Tessa had no intention of getting personal when she’d walked in the door, but the words just came spilling out. “Five years ago, my mother was killed by a drunk driver on New Year’s day. The anniversary of when we buried her was a few days ago and my father went to that bar to try and forget. He didn’t know that man sitting next to him was a reporter, and my father certainly didn’t think he would print anything that was said.”

“I’m sorry for the loss your mother, Tessa.”

“Thank you.” Tessa saw Drake’s sharp blue eyes soften with sympathy and kept going, pushing hard. “My father values his position with your company. He knew when he read the article that he was the one who had leaked the information. He emailed you immediately to tell you. He didn’t try to hide it or cover it up. He knows he shouldn’t have spoken to anyone about it, but he didn’t do it deliberately. I can guess when you asked to meet with him this morning that you were going to let him go, but I’m asking you to please reconsider. Mr. Vidal—”


She tried to smile, but feared the trembling of her lips made it look more like a grimace. “Drake—”

“Why didn’t your father come to the meeting, Tessa? Why send you here to plead for his job if it means so much to him?”

Tess tried to fight back the tears that filled her eyes, but she knew he could see them and hated herself for the telltale sign of weakness. “He would have, but he had a heart attack last night after...”

“After he got my message,” Drake finished for her when she took a moment to regain her composure. “Christ, I’m sorry for that.”

“It’s not your fault. None of this is, and I’m the one who is sorry about everything. They want to keep him in the hospital for a few days under observation or else he would have come. Mr. Vidal—Drake, I know my father screwed up, and I want to make it right.”

He looked skeptical. “And how exactly would you do that? The leak to the media about our new medical scanner gives my competitors an opportunity to move up their timetables to try and match our launch. It also sets a dangerous precedence on how these matters are dealt with within my corporation. I sympathize with what your father has been through, but you can’t go back in time and undo what’s been done.”

“No, but we can use this as an opportunity.” Tessa scooted to the edge of her seat and leaned forward. The time had come for her pitch. “I read the article after my father told me what happened, and there really wasn’t much information in it besides anticipation to see what good your new scanner would do. We can use that. I can help you. If you fire my father, it makes the article something negative, but why not use it for something positive instead?”

“Go on.”

“What I propose is for us to throw an event we can use to highlight the release of your new product. It would be an elaborate, highly public affair, and we could ask the guests to donate to a charity of your choice. Since your new imaging system helps detect cancer earlier, we could pick something that has to do with cancer research or something that helps families dealing with the illness. This way, your company will get the goodwill associated with the donation, and it’ll make any of your competitors look foolish if they tried to undercut your launch. It would also help your own reputation since, honestly, you could use it.”

Drake’s eyebrow rose at that. “Really?”

Tessa flushed with embarrassment as she realized what she’d said, but she didn’t back down. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to insult you, but from everything I’ve read about you, I really think you could benefit from some good PR.”

Drake couldn’t help but be amused at the casual way she had insulted him, but he refused to let it show. She was without artifice, and he found it refreshing. People were always telling him what they thought he wanted to hear, and it was rare for someone to speak so honestly to him. “So, you think throwing a party is the answer to my problems?”

“Not exactly, but it’s a starting point.” She reached down to grab her bag and set it on her lap. “I’ll waive my fee to put everything together for you, and try to make this as easy as possible, with minimal work on your part. I’ve brought a binder of basic concepts for you to look over. I can leave it with you since I can see you’re tired, and I don’t want to take up anymore of your time.”

He rubbed at the dark stubble on his chin and cheeks absently. “So, now I look tired, and I need help with my image? I don’t know if my ego can take anymore of your assessment of me.”

Her shoulders sagged under a new heaping of guilt. Tessa let out a groan and closed her eyes. She needed to shut up before he had her escorted out of his office and banned from the building. Or worse. “I’m going to leave now.”

Drake looked down at the clock on his computer screen and made an impulsive decision. He stood. “You’re right, I am tired. I was in the lab working all night.” 

She watched as he strode across the room to the coat rack in the corner by the doorway. He put on his long, black coat, then stalked over to open the door to his office. 

“What? Wait...you’re leaving?”

He looked at her with that penetrating gaze of his and simply said, “Come.”

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~ Symposium: Swinging on a Star ~

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my March Symposium!

Since this is my birthday month, I have wishes on the brain. Although my greatest wish is for the health and happiness of my friends and family, I wanted to do something a little more fun for this month’s symposium. 

Because of this, I’ve asked my friends and fellow authors to pick their three most outrageous wishes to share with you. Read on and find out what everyone had to say!

LAURIE ROMA: If I had a genie in a bottle and could have three of the most outrageous wishes I could think of, the first would have to be a sort of catch all. I want magic...or the ability to make my own wishes come true. It might be considered cheating, but who cares. LOL. My second wish would be to visit some sort of alien world, or one of my own creation. I wouldn’t mind having a few Dragon Warriors to call my own. But really, can you blame me? My last wish is something I consider more of a goal than a wish. Someday, I would like to make the NY Times Best Sellers list. I think if that day comes, it’ll be like touching a star...

Feel free to share your most outrageous wishes in the comments section of this post!

Tessa Campbell is a woman in an impossible situation. As the owner of an event planning company, her days are usually filled celebrating the best moments of people’s lives, but all of that changes when her father makes a grievous mistake that may cost him the job he loves. He is depending on her to fix his mistake, but nothing is ever as simple as it seems. In order to save him, she must find a way to reason with his boss...the man everyone calls The Beast.

Drake Vidal has a dangerous reputation. A ruthless business man who has taken Vidal Labs and Technology to the top of the industry, he expects perfection from everyone who works for him. He has never believed in love, but all it takes is one look at the gentle beauty that comes to him to plead for her father for him to lose his heart. Can she find a way to see beyond the savage veneer he portrays to the world to discover the good hidden beneath, or will she think he isn’t worth taming? For who could ever really love a beast?


S.E. SMITH: Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have my wish I wish tonight…What should I wish for? My first wish is to travel to the stars and beyond. I’ve always been fascinated by what is out there. So my wish would include meeting other, non-threatening, species and discovering new worlds much like my characters do. My second wish would to live in a world where paranormal creatures lived and thrived beside us. In my Magic, New Mexico series, they do. They are normal in an abnormal way. I would love to have a best friend who was a werewolf, or a vampire, or even a garden troll. My third wish is to become one of those paranormal or sci-fi characters. I think it would totally rock to be a shifter, or a witch, or an alien dragon shifter with a symbiot of my own.

Dagger is a Trivator warrior. He is known for his dark and dangerous edge, making him the perfect warrior for impossible missions. He fears nothing, until he meets a young, delicate human female who wakens his heart. Her gentle touch, soft voice, and her shy sense of humor touch him in a way he never thought could happen. The thought of anything harming something so beautiful and fragile fills him with terror.

Jordan Sampson is slowly adjusting to her new life on a strange planet far away from war-torn Earth. She had been seventeen when she was brought to the Trivator’s home world of Rathon along with her older sister, Jesse, and younger sister, Taylor, a couple years earlier. Fear, confusion, and uncertainty of what the future holds threaten to drown her as she tries to fit in. There is only one hope that keeps her going. It is the handsome alien male that stirs something deep inside her and makes her feel whole. 

When Dagger is captured during a mission and sold to the illegal Fight Rings, it is only the memory of Jordan that keeps him going. Time blurs as he slowly sinks deeper and deeper into a world of violence and pain until he becomes more animal than Trivator. 

Jordan knows Dagger is out there, somewhere. She can feel him in her heart. The heart she gave to him the first time he held her protectively in his arms. 

When she discovers where he is being held, she refuses to let anything stop her from rescuing him. What Jordan doesn’t realize is that she has been Dagger’s hope during his captivity. The one thing that holds the thin thread to his sanity. 

The fight to save Dagger takes Jordan on a journey that she hopes they both survive. The star system is a dangerous place for a young human female and a damaged Trivator warrior. Can Jordan reach Dagger in time, and if she does, can she heal his shattered soul?


NJ WALTERS: When Laurie asked me to imagine I had a genie in a bottle and could have three outrageous wishes, I had to stop and really think about it. I’m the type of person who is pretty content with what I have. BUT...if I had three wishes, I’d take a trip to Scotland. I’ve always been drawn to the landscape and castles, and I would do a tour of the Scottish and English countryside. I’d also love to see the Redwood Forests of California and while I was on the west coast, I’d slip over to see the Glass Beach at MacKerricher State Park. With my final wish, I’d visit Arizona. I find the rock formations and desert landscape beautiful.  Not sure if those things will ever happen considering I really don’t like to travel. Only time will tell. If only my genie could instantly transport me there.

Now that the five-thousand-year curse that kept him and his fellow shapeshifting warriors trapped in animal form has been lifted, Mordecai doesn’t quite know what to do with himself. He is free—in theory.

Hell left its stain on his soul, and his relationship with the warriors who once trusted him is uneasy. The only bright spot in his life is Jessica, whose shining innocence he dare not taint with his inner darkness. But it’s getting harder and harder to stay away from her.

Jessica longs for the days she and Mordecai shared an easy friendship. Now he seems as distant as the stars. He denies there’s a problem, but she’s determined to penetrate his shields.

Hades has been plotting his revenge from his prison. He can’t harm Mordecai without harming himself. But there’s nothing to stop him from wreaking havoc by hurting the one woman Mordecai would give his life to protect—Jessica.


LACEY THORN: My three most outrageous wishes…Wish number one: I want to be my ideal of the perfect weight for my height (notice I’m not changing my height) and never gain a pound no matter how much I eat or exercise! My ideal may be different from someone else’s but this is all about me! Lol! Wish number two: I want to have just enough money to keep me and my children able to live a comfortable life without worry. I don’t need to be a millionaire. Wish number three: I’d like a machine that allows me to place a book inside it which it will bring to life. I can step between the covers of my most cherished novels and live out the role of the character of my choice. This is so much better than a movie or television show. I have a huge stack just waiting for this machine! Yummy!

The lone Jaguar...

Gideon prefers to stay on the outside, watching, but he’s willing to step in and protect when needed. He doesn’t want family, keeps friends at arm’s length and refuses to believe there might be a woman out there meant to be his and only his. Men like him don’t have mates.

A Woman Undone...

Vic only has one use for men, and it sure as hell isn’t to protect her. She was a Marine. She takes care of herself. She feels the intense burn of desire and knows what others think. There’s only one way to prove them wrong. Sate the lust and walk away.


He’s sure he can fight the need for her even with the touch of fever in his veins, but he never counted on fighting her need as well. Neither of them wants a mate, but the beast inside Gideon is ready to stake a claim.  And if that happens, one night might turn into forever.


SUSAN HAYES: I was raised on stories like the Monkey’s Paw, so if I ever found a wish-granting entity, it would probably take me a month to come up with a wish and then run it by a lawyer to check for loopholes. If I set my paranoia aside though, these would be my wishes. An income that would support me for the rest of my life and allow me to buy a private Villa on a tropical island. Complete with staff, of course. I’d wish for a pill with no side effects that would make me lose weight quickly and easily. I’d ask for just one more hour with my little brother, Corey.  I never got to say goodbye or tell him that I loved him before he died. My greatest regret is that I never said the things I should have, because I thought we had all the time in the world.

As the future CEO of Forrester Industries, Lucas Forrester has the kind of life most men only dream of. He’s travelled the world, brokering deals and sealing contracts that have benefited the company while making a name for himself as a cold, calculating negotiator.

At work, Luke lives behind his corporate persona, but when a chance encounter with a beautiful and caring stranger brings out his true nature, he finds himself reluctant to go back into hiding.

Veronica Hood’s life will never be mistaken for a fairytale, but she’s proud of what she’s accomplished so far. After years of planning, she’s finally got her own coffee shop, with enough money coming in to stay out of the red and pay for her grandmother’s medical bills, too. When Lucas sees her delivering food to the hungry, he appoints himself as her protector, stealing her heart and starting a whirlwind love affair straight out of a storybook.

The trouble is, Lucas isn’t the only one who has fallen for Ronnie. When her stalker finally emerges from the shadows, Luke will have to fight for his redheaded angel. In the end only one of them can possess her, but who will be the victor...her champion or the dark-hearted wolf?


JENIKA SNOW: When I was younger I wished for a lot of things that were totally outrageous and off the wall. And I still wish I could do them now! I’d love to be able to fly. I wouldn’t really have or need any place to go, but just to go up in the air and away from everything would be incredible. I would also love to be invisible. This is one of the big ones I had when I was younger. To be able to walk around and experience things without anyone seeing, or even judging you, brings freedom to a whole other level. I’d also like to be able to think of something I want it just “poofs” right in front of me. I’d never have to leave my house again, or at least not for the things I hate doing…grocery shopping!

Drevin South, the last unattached original Grizzly MC member, knows that at this stage in the game he’s probably missed his chance at finding love. But when Allie Harper comes into Steel Corner, his bear won’t back away, and he’s not about to fight the bastard on this.

Allie is starting over, staying healthy and hoping to start a life in the small Colorado town of Steel Corner. When she meets grizzly bear shifter Drevin something inside of her awakens. He frightens but arouses her, making her want things she’s never thought she’d be lucky enough to have. But her past is tainted, and she doesn’t know if anyone could love her if he knew the truth.

Can Drevin accept Allie’s dark past enough to make her his old lady? Can he show her that she’s all he wants, and that he’ll do anything to make her his?


SAM CRESCENT: Well, I’ve been asked to go as extravagant as I want and I’m going to do that. If I could have three wishes, what would they be? Here are the three that have come to mind right now. A fully paid trip around the whole of America and Canada. I would love to go and visit all of the authors I adore, and to get to know my readers. To be able to eat what I want without putting on a single pound. I love food, cooking and baking, but it doesn’t love my hips. To be a New York Times and USA Today bestseller, that would be a dream LOL. You did say we could all dream. Happy Birthday, Laurie.

An eye for an eye.

Alex doesn’t have a clean past. His is filled with betrayal, anger, hurt, and loss. All he had to do was protect a young woman, Preston’s sister. Instead she ends up dead, and Alex hides the evidence, keeping silent about it for ten years.
A tooth for a tooth.

Alex’s mistakes have caught up with him. He may be part of The Skulls, but he knows better than most that the MC wants him gone. Everything he’s sacrificed means nothing in the face of one man intent on hurting him by hurting the people he cares about, including his newfound love, Sunshine.

A life for a life.

Sunshine, Michael, Tabitha, Tiny, The Skulls—who will survive, and who will die? Will Alex have to face this alone? Or will The Skulls pull through for the man who has always been in the background of their lives? The countdown is on.


ROSANNA LEO: Thank you, Laurie, for allowing me to play here once again and happy birthday! 3 wishes, huh? Well, I'm a greedy girl and I could do a lot of damage with 3 wishes, but let's see if I can contain myself. Wish 1 - I would like English actor Richard Armitage to take on new role and become my personal manservant. It wouldn't be a tough job - no heavy lifting involved - but it would require him to rub my back a lot and bring me snacks. Oh, and sex. A lot of it. So perhaps, in retrospect, he might have to do a bit of heavy lifting. Wish 2 - Putting aside dreams of Mr. Armitage for a moment, I wish my two teen sons would somehow remember that their mother is the light of their lives. They would be required to tell me, at least twice daily, that they love me and think I'm so much cooler than other moms. And I want my hugs back. Since they became young men, they seem to have decided hugging Mom is no longer an option. Wish 3 - Again, forgetting Mr. Armitage, I suppose I should make a wish that includes my long-suffering husband. I would love for us to be able to retire early and travel to all the places we've dreamed of seeing. There. 3 wishes. I think they're all doable, don't you? Now get over here, Richard Armitage, and rub my feet.

Failed actress Winn Busby is at the end of her rope. With no money and no prospects, she accepts the one job she never thought she’d see on her résumé. Professional bridesmaid. It should be easy. If only the idea of weddings and vows didn't give Winn a case of the hives. Her role becomes more challenging when she's told a reporter will shadow her work for a men's magazine article.

Working for Player Magazine is Patrick Lincoln's worst nightmare. A former political journalist, he used to write thoughtful columns for one of Toronto's most respected papers. That is, until he was blackballed for allegedly sleeping with the boss's wife. Overnight, Patrick becomes the city's most reviled bad boy. And now he's forced to write a seedy expose on, of all things, a bridesmaid.

Patrick begrudgingly accompanies Winn to a series of strange weddings. As they are forced to work together, he learns there is more to the stand-in bridesmaid than puffy dresses and pretty speeches. She, in turn, begins to question whether or not Patrick actually deserves the derision of his peers. As much as they fight their attraction, it begins to threaten their work and their sanity.

For so long, Winn has felt second-best. A stand-in. She finally meets a man who believes in her value. But can she let go of the past and accept him?


WILLOW BROOKE: Thank you to Laurie Roma for having me! I actually felt myself slip back to a kid thinking of outrageous wishes of horses and giant candy factories with a swimming pool full of gumballs.  Those are silly, of course. I’d rather wish for an endless shopping spree for shoes and clothes and all things books! And, since my closet is small and there isn’t much room for all of the ancient artifacts and treasure chests in my house, the next wish would be for a huge lodge style home on more acreage than one could walk in a month.  It’d have to have horses and cows, and a waterfall that pooled into a naturally hot steamy lake for swimming under the stars.  I’d need a library for all of my books, which would need me to wish up more hot steamy books by all of the other fabulous authors here! I could go on and on, wishing my little sexy genie to grant, but if he was hot, maybe there wouldn’t be much ‘wishing’ needed… ;)

In book two of Southern Bred:  My name is Brandon West. I was born in this small town and have lived here my entire life.  Some people leave, some come back, but I never wanted any part of that.  This is my home and I’m proud of it.

Growing up in these parts, either you’re kin to half of the town and dated the other half at one point or another, or you are a passer-by—meaning you won’t be here long.  

With that outlook, imagine my surprise the day a little she-devil in stilettos and designer clothes drove up our dusty road—you guessed it—everything changed.

Facing lush lips, full hips, long legs, and eyes that can see straight through to your soul are hard to ignore, so what started as a plan for a few nights of fun, soon got a little more complicated than I anticipated.

When left with no choice, what do I do?  Well, what else is there, besides tying her little fine ass up and teaching her a lesson, country style. 


OLIVIA BLACK: If I was granted three outrageous wishes what would they be? This is a hard question. It actually took me a while to think about what I would really want. I needed to think outside the box. Like most people, I usually wish for regular everyday things – good health, enough money to pay my bills, and maybe even one day fame and fortune. Pushing all those regular thoughts away, I decided to dream BIG. My first wish is to take my daughter on an extravagant vacation. A year on a cruise ship traveling around the world. We love watching the Travel channel together and I think it would be amazing to see it all in person versus while we’re sitting on the couch. My second wish, having one of my books made into a movie. And for my third wish, I decided to ask my daughter what she would want. She wants us to have different homes around the world.  

You have to be the best to go to war with the worst. That’s the motto the agents of the Federal Paranormal Agency live by. They train hard to hunt down those that go rogue, enforcing the laws set down through the ages. They deliver justice to those that break the laws and save the innocent. They are the enforcers of the paranormal world.

Braig Rabgix is an ancient vampire and an agent for the Federal Paranormal Agency. While following a rogue wolf shifter that deals in human sex trafficking, Braig finds his True Match among the victims. He takes the scared human home and tends to his wounds, gently wooing the man meant to be his.

Beaten and held in a cage, Daniel Bombelles has lost touch with who he really is. The world flashes by him in shades of pain. When he’s saved by a stranger with hypnotic brown eyes, something inside Daniel says that he can trust the handsome vampire.

The danger isn’t over. The rogue wolf that tortured Daniel is on the loose in New York City and its Braig’s job to track him down. But there’s a difference between justice and revenge, and Braig is willing to cross the line.


KALI ARGENT:  Happy Birthday, Laurie! Oh, three extravagant wishes! I’m not overly concerned with material possessions, but I admit that I’ve always wanted to live in a castle. Not a large castle, but definitely one with turrets and maybe even a clock tower. My second wish is easy. I want to eat all the chocolate and cookies I want and never gain a pound or feel any discomfort. Moderation is so overrated. For my third and final wish, I’m not really sure what I’d ask for, to be honest. Maybe a superpower. Not telepathy, because that sounds exhausting. Ooh, I think I’d like something magical, like the ability to wave my hand, and ta-da! My house is clean! With three boys at home, that would definitely come in handy.  

Deep within the fortress of Pandora, Lieutenant Vane Schiva has spent millennium guarding precious artifacts and ancient secrets from around the universe. As the son of a decorated commander, he has always been a soldier first, putting the needs of his people before his own desires. So when the compound is breached and he’s sent across the galaxies to track down the thief, he never imagined the assignment would lead him to the only thing he’s ever wanted for himself.

Growing up in New Orleans, Charlotte Rousseau has seen her share of the strange and unexplainable, but everything she thought she knew about the world is about to be tested. What started as any other day, quickly spirals into a nightmarish reality, leaving her no choice but to place her trust—and her life—in a stranger’s hands. Safety comes at a price, though, and Charlotte soon realizes her only chance at survival means leaving behind her fears and following Vane into the fire.

Faced with the threat of war, new alliances are formed and old loyalties are tested in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. While emotions run high and sexual tensions simmer, Vane still guards a dangerous secret, one that could cost him everything in the end. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect Charlotte, though, even if that means turning his back on his own people.

War is easy. Love takes courage.


Monday, March 9, 2015

~ Seduction at Midnight Anthology and The Midnight Gala! ~

Today is the release day of Seduction at Midnight - an all-new Anthology of modern-day, fairy tale romances! 

I want to thank my friends and fellow authors Lacey Thorn, Jenika Snow, Susan Hayes, Catalina Harper, Kali Argent and Erika Reed for joining me for this special project. I am so proud to have worked with these amazing authors on this Anthology, and hope that everyone enjoys the stories we have written for you.

As most of you know, my mother is going through chemo right now, and will be having stem cell transplant surgery later this month, so this charity project is very near and dear to my heart. Please help up us spread the word on this project, because ALL proceeds of the Limited Edition Box Set will be going to the Make a Wish Foundation.

On Sale for .99¢ only from March 9 - 30th!


Beautiful Dreamer by Lacey Thorn - Chase wakes up in the hospital with no memory of the attack that left her best friend dead, and her lost in a deep slumber. Will Detective Phillip Wade be able to keep her safe, or will the secrets he's keeping tear them apart?

Cinder’s Rising by Jenika Snow - Cinder is the light to Ryder's darkness, and he must show her she's worth so much more than she gives herself credit for. It's up to him to show her that she's his world now.

Rescuing Red by Susan Hayes - When an act of kindness sparks a moment of chivalry, two lives are changed forever. Veronica and Lucas have a chance at a storybook ending, but first, they'll have to face the monster who wants Veronica for himself.

Wonderland by Catalina Harper - Alison has wanted eccentric club owner, Chris Jensen, since the day she started working at Wonderland. Nothing about a relationship with Chris will be easy, but Alison is determined to make the ex-Marine see her as more than just one of the guys.

Stardust by Kali Argent - What could a self-professed workaholic and a laid-back toy store owner possibly have in common? Nothing, as far as Starla Winters is concerned, but when roguishly handsome Turner McCord sets his sights on her, she’ll soon understand why sometimes, opposites do attract.

Goldie by Erika Reed - After being tricked into a weekend alone with her handsome boss, Goldie Locke is looking forward to getting to know Travis Baer outside of the office. Could this be the beginning to the fairy tale ending Goldie has always wanted?

Beauty by Laurie Roma - Tessa Campbell has to face the man everyone calls The Beast in order to protect her father. Can she find a way to see beyond Drake Vidal's savage veneer to the good hidden beneath, or will she think he isn't worth taming?

My contribution for the box-set is BEAUTY, which is inspired by the classic tale Beauty and the Beast...enjoy the short excerpt!

Tessa sighed. “Drake isn’t what everyone thinks. Once you get to know him...well, I wouldn’t call him sweet, but he’s smart and caring and thoughtful—”

“And sexy as hell,” Jamie added. “So...I have to ask, why haven’t you had sex with him yet?”


“What? I think it’s a fair question.”

“It’s not like that. We’re working together, you know that.”

Jamie rolled her eyes. “Working, right. Honestly, you’ve been spending so much time together it’s like you guys are practically attached at the hip. When you’re not with him, you talk about him constantly. Obviously, there is more to this than you’re admitting.”

“It can’t happen. Let’s just leave it at that.” Appetite gone, Tessa put the bag of candy back in her desk drawer.

“Oh, my God! You’ve gone and done it, haven’t you? You’re in love with him.”

Panic surged through Tessa. She looked up and shook her head vigorously. “What? That’s crazy! I’ve only known him a few months. Less than that, actually.”

“That doesn’t matter.” Jamie said with wide eyes. “I can see it all over your face.”

“I...Oh, God, Jamie. I am,” Tessa said with a moan. “I think I’m in love with Drake.”

“That’s great!”

“No it’s not! It’s horrible. I’ve fallen for one of the most unavailable men in Chicago. There is nothing great about that!”

“Come on, Tessa. It can’t be that bad. He obviously likes spending time with you.”

“But that doesn’t mean he wants a real relationship with me. Jesus, he dates supermodels, Jamie. I’m just...me.”

“Hey, now. You’re a beautiful, intelligent woman. Don’t sell yourself short, Tessa.”

“What am I going to do, Jamie? He’s going to break my heart. I just know it.” Tessa sighed again. “I just have to make it to the ball, then everything can go back to normal.”

Jamie looked thoughtful for a moment before she said, “You know...maybe you just need to get him out of your system. You know, just do it...or him to be more exact. Don’t you want to know what sex with him would be like?”

“Of course I do! What sane woman wouldn’t want to sleep with Drake? But he doesn’t want me—”

The sound of a throat clearing from the doorway had Tessa stiffening in her chair. Jamie’s expression of shocked horror told her all she needed to know. “Oh, God, oh, God. He’s standing there, isn’t he?” At Jamie’s silent nod, Tessa slowly lowered her head to her desk with a low moan of distress. “Just kill me now.”

There was the whisper of movement, then Jamie said, “I’m just going to...go.”

A few minutes passed, but it seemed like an eternity. The silence was unbearable. He made no sound, but she felt Drake’s presence looming over her. Like the angel of doom, she thought sullenly. Tessa raised her head and slowly looked up at Drake, who was indeed standing right in front of her desk. His strong, handsome face was a mask of impassivity, but his eyes—holy God, those bright blue eyes—were blazing with heat.

“Drake, I...”

“Come with me.”




Another bit of exciting news is the announcement of The Midnight Gala! What simply started out as part of the plot in the Anthology stories has now become a reality! Come join me, Kali Argent, Lacey Thorn, Jenika Snow, Susan Hayes, Catalina Harper and Erika Reed in New Orleans the weekend of Oct 9-11th for the Midnight Gala Masquerade Ball and other events. 

This will be my first author event, and I'm so excited about it. For registration and info on the event, please visit The Midnight Gala Website!

We hope to see you there, and remember to share the links and info about the Anthology and help us raise money for charity. Happy Reading!