Friday, May 23, 2014

~ Inner Goddess: Memorable Man of Service Contest! ~

The Inner Goddess Forum is hosting a Memorable Man of Service contest on their blog this weekend. Who is your favorite man of service? 

The Breakers' Bad Boys series is a combination of several things that I love...bad boys, military men, MMA fighters, bikers, and best of all – spicy hot romance! While my IAD series deals with military men and women working for a covert agency, I wanted to take a different stance for the BBB series. Breakers is a town that caters to men and women who have just come home after leaving the service, and because of that, I wanted to show what happens when they try to acclimate back into “normal” life. The men of Breakers may be bad boys, but they all still have integrity and honor…just like heroes should.

Jared "Hammer" Caufield is the hero of Hammer's Fall, the first book of the Breakers' Bad Boy series. Hammer is a man who knows what he wanted, and isn't afraid to go for it. As an ex-Ranger and former MMA fighter, Hammer is strong, extremely intuitive and holds to a strict code of honor. He is pure alpha male, but also has a sweet side when it comes to his woman. Just don't mess with Kali, and you'll stay on his good side. And...he loves puppies! How can you not love him!


It's no secret that I enjoy my eye candy, and Hammer is definitely a tasty treat! For me, I love muscles...the bigger the better! 

Covered in tattoos and rock-hard muscle, he looked like the dangerous predator he was. He shaved his head so it only showed a hint of dark hair that matched his dark-brown eyes. He knew he made her nervous. Of course she would be when he literally towered over her. Shit, he knew he made grown men nervous if he stared at them for too long. 

At six foot four, Hammer was a big man, and he hunched his shoulders in a laughable attempt to make himself look smaller. Not that he could. Hell, he was built like a fucking tank.

Hammer is also the perfect mixture of possessive and protective...

He was in her life now, and there was no fucking way he was going to let her be around her family without him there to protect her. Sure, she was a strong, capable woman, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to be there for her. 

She would learn over time, she wasn’t alone anymore. He’d make damn sure of it.

...and wow, is Hammer a dirty talker!

“Fuck, baby. That’s so good. Fuck back on my cock just like that.”
His naughty words did something to her, making her pussy flutter with her impending release. “Jared…”
“That’s right. Come for me, baby. Do it, Kali. Come on my dick. Let me feel you, little fairy. Come on my fucking cock.”

But what really makes me love him is how much Hammer cares about his woman.

“It’s crazy, I know, but I feel like I’ve been waiting for her my whole life. There is something about her…no, it’s about who I am when I’m with her. Kali is special. Damn it, she’s got me tangled up in knots, but in a good way. She’s the best person I know, and I want to be a better man around her…for her.”

Jared “Hammer” Caufield is a former Army Ranger and retired professional MMA champion that had to give up his fighting career due to a knee injury. He is a bad boy through and through, but that doesn’t stop him from craving the sweet little bakery owner, even though he knows she is too good for him… 

Bakery owner, Kalista Redford, is a woman who has had a difficult past. She has always struggled with her self-esteem, and her last breakup hasn’t done anything to help improve her opinion of herself. When Kalista finds herself pursued by the dark and dangerous man she has secretly dreamed about, will she be able to follow her heart or will past insecurities threaten to ruin her chance at true love? 

If you love Hammer as much as I do, make sure to vote for him as your favorite Memorable Man of Service - VOTE HERE!

You can return to the blog once each day to nominate a man of service character from May 23-25, so make sure to stop by and place your vote on the Inner Goddess blog each day of the contest!

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