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~ Symposium: All My Tomorrows ~

Hello Everyone! Welcome to My December Symposium!

This month is all about looking forward to the upcoming year so I’ve asked my friends and fellow authors to give you a little sneak peek at what you should be expecting from them coming up in the new year. Happy Holidays and wishing you the very best for 2015!

LAURIE ROMA:  I am looking forward to so many great things in 2015! First up on my list is an adaptation of one of my screenplays into an action adventure novel released under my new YA pen name, L.S. Watts. After that, I will be revisiting Breakers and the 3013 series for several books, starting with Dante and Zoe’s story in Dante’s Angel, then 3013: CHAOS for Katra Tesera and Lord Jaden Tor’s story. If time allows, I will also release the first book of an all new paranormal trilogy I have planned. On top of that, I also have an exciting project in the works with six other very talented authors that should be released early spring. I have so many stories to share...thank you to all my readers for letting me entertain you, and here’s hoping I will continue to do so for many more years to come! Happy Holidays!

Officer Skylar Aris is a woman with a troubled past. As a Class-A Conduit, she is beautiful and deadly, making her stand out among the rest of the Elite soldiers. She has worked hard to succeed as one of the only female interrogators in the Security and Interrogation Division, but everything she has dreamed of is put in jeopardy when she’s given an ultimatum that will change her fate.

Strong and dominant, Director Dominic Stryker is a man who doesn’t let anything stand in his way. When he meets Skylar, he knows she’s the woman he wants to claim, but he never expected she’d also be destined to belong to his best friend, D’Aire Ambassador Arik V’Dir. Two Alpha males, Dom and Arik don’t want to share, but they realize that it’s the only way they can have Skylar...if they can get her to agree.

When a mission forces Skylar to deal with her past, Dom and Arik are determined to stand by her side. But discovering where she comes from changes everything. Will their love be enough to give her salvation, or will the truth shatter their bond and take her beyond their reach?


S.E. SMITH: There is a lot on the list! In January, I plan to release Risteard’s Unwilling Empress: Lords of Kassis Book 4. After that, Viper’s Mate: Sarafin Warrior Book 2, Dagger’s Hope: The Alliance Book 3, The Dark Prince’s Prize: Curizan Warriors Book 2, Roarrk’s Revenge: Zion Warriors Book 3, and a host of others. Knowing me, there will be additional short stories and two additional new books featuring a children’s series Milo and the Wizard’s Ink. This will be the first book in the The Seven Kingdoms series and Voyage of the Defiance, a YA. There is a lot going on and I look forward to sharing all the amazing worlds with you. I’m ending the year with a new release: Merrick’s Maiden: Cosmos’ Gateway Book 5 on sale December 30, 2014.

Merrick Ta’Duran is the powerful leader of the Eastern Mountain Clan on the Prime world of Baade. His people, known as the Ghosts of the Forests, live high in the Eastern mountains. Merrick feels the weight of responsibility as the males within his clan become desperate to find mates among the few remaining females. When word comes that a new species has been discovered, he knows he must do what is right for his people - even if it means traveling to a strange, alien realm to do it.

Merrick’s world changes when he is injured and captured by a ruthless group of humans. Drugged and held against his will, he is the subject of experiments and testing as the humans try to discover where he came from and duplicate his strength and ability to heal quickly. After months of captivity, he fears his life will end on the strange world until one chance encounter gives him hope.

Addie Banks’ world has been one of silence since a devastating illness when she was sixteen. Determined to stand on her own two feet, she goes to school during the day and works at night to put herself through college. Her life unexpectedly changes when she stumbles across something she wasn’t supposed to see while at work. Now, she hears a voice in her head - and it is driving her crazy. Her only hope for peace is to help the creature talking to her escape from the men holding him.

Merrick knows the female who helps him is his bond mate. She may deny it. She may fight it. She may even try to run from it. It won’t matter. She is his and he will do everything he can to convince her, hold her, even kidnap her if that is what it takes to make her realized that they belong together.

Will Addie hear the love and longing in Merrick’s voice? Can she trust and accept the new life he has to offer? Or, will a ruthless killer silence him before she gets a chance?


N.J. WALTERS: 2014 has been a year of great change for me, but it hasn’t all been bad. I did hit several milestones this year, including turning fifty and publishing my 75th book. When my first book was published back in 2004 I never imagined that day would come. That all leads me to where I’m going. I want 2015 to be a year of personal transformation. I want to get back to doing some of the things I used to enjoy like yoga and walking. I’ve gotten so busy writing I rarely take the time anymore. Maybe I’ll take a class and try something totally new. But don’t think I’m giving up writing. I have three new Hades’ Carnival novellas and two Salvation Pack books lined up for release between now and January 2016. Wishing you all good healthy, happiness and prosperity in 2015. Happy New Year!

Considered an abomination for her inability to shift, Cherise Michaels has been on the run from her pack since she was a teenager. After her mother is murdered by her former packmates, Cherise is alone, grieving and out of options. Until a dream puts her on course toward her last hope—Salvation, North Carolina.

She makes it to Salvation only to be cornered by her pursuers and then rescued by the biggest, baddest werewolf she’s ever seen.

Cole Blanchard has no trouble dispatching the intruders trespassing on pack land. Convincing their skittish quarry she’s safe is another story. Cole senses she is his mate and he’ll protect her to his last breath, even it means risking everything to face her former pack.

In Cole’s arms, Cherise learns there’s something in this world more powerful than fear—desire and love. She knows loving her is a death sentence for Cole, so she plans to store up a lifetime of memories before she lets him go…


LACEY THORN: Hard to believe another year has come and almost gone. 2015 is around the corner and will be filled with lots of new reads from me! I have four books already scheduled for my hot new series, Awakening Pride! I’m also planning to write the story for Jess and her wolves. I’m hoping to add another stand alone book to the Pleasures series. 2015 will also be the year I launch a few self publish projects. I have so many ideas! I’ll be choosing from a new paranormal series, a romantic suspense series, a new sci-fi series, and a fantasy series. Yes, I love my series! If time allows, I’ll have a special project I’ll be working on for another publisher. I’m really excited about it and plan to work on it during every spare moment I can find! I’ll post more on it as I can. I’d like to thank all my readers for the love and encouragement they’ve shown me through the years. You all are the reason I continue to write and publish. Huge thanks for making my newest series, Awakening Pride such a success!!!

A Primal Panther...

The injection of a feral virus surges through his veins, trapping him in the skin of his animal. He’s fighting for dominance, struggling not to lose himself to the beast. There’s only one thing that can save him, one person who can help set him free.

A Mate’s Love...

Diane left everything she knew behind to follow the Professor into the unknown. Now, she lives among people she never knew existed and fights daily to keep them alive and healthy. She’s felt a spark with Zane since the day he arrived, but his avoidance leaves her guessing.


As the virus rages, only the touch of a mate can rescue the man trapped inside, leading Diane down a path she feels ill-prepared to take. If she’s not his mate, Zane might just kill her. If she is, then she’s the only one with a chance at saving the beast.


SUSAN HAYES: 2014 was an incredible year, and 2015 is already gearing up to be just as amazing, and even busier. My next book will be 3013:Targeted, which should be out in early February. Wilde Start, a short story about how the parents of my Wilde Brothers met and fell in love, is part of the Evernight “Uniform Fetish Anthology” coming out in February, too. After that I’m working on Summoned & Betrayed, the first full length Summoned Series novel, and then Wilde Blues, where David Wilde will finally get his happily ever after. There’s a special project also due out this spring, and I have plans to write another 3013 and another Wilde Brother series book before the year is out.  I can’t wait to share more stories with my readers. Thank you all so much, and may the holidays and the coming year bring you all joy, laughter and many new books to read.

Nick Wilde is a man content with his life. Business at his tattoo shop is booming, and he’s never lacking for friends or female company. But when he meets Lia, he knows everything will change...

 A moment’s flirtation and a kiss in the dark leaves Nick wanting more. When his Cinderella vanishes before the night is over, she leaves him nothing but her name and the memory of a kiss he can’t forget.

Chicago Police Detective Lia Archer’s life doesn’t have room for distractions, and that’s exactly what Nick Wilde is. He’s sexy, charming, and a threat to everything she’s worked so hard to achieve. She ran out on him once, but when Nick reappears in her life, he’s determined not to make it easy for her to vanish on him again.

When past decisions and old secrets come back to haunt them, will the fairytale end, or will they find a way to reclaim their Happily Ever After.


JENIKA SNOW: 2015 is shaping up to be a busy year for me. I will be continuing with my Grizzly MC series, those rough talking, bear shifting bikers that don’t take no for an answer. I will also be writing more Warriors of Hades, which are my ménage and more sci-fi series featuring my red skinned demon heroes. Readers can expect more Brothers of Menace books, Sweet Water, my collaboration for the incredible 3013 series, and a new series that I have been working on with Sam Crescent. I have so much on my plate with re-releasing some older stories, creating more Dark Erotic romances, and continuing with my current series. But it is all worth it to hear that readers enjoy my stories, and to be able to do what I love.

Lucas Landon is a member of The Grizzly MC, a crew of bear shifting bikers. He lives his life on the edge, and doesn’t follow any rules besides his own. Lucas knows that what he really wants will never be his, and that is Tarren Stoker, the daughter of Dallas, an original Grizzly member.

When he finally has Tarren in every way, he doesn’t want to let her go. But he has to because he feels she's too good for him.

When Tarren and Lucas share one sexually intense night, is ends awkwardly. As the years pass and they share another moment together, she realizes that her love isn’t dying but growing for the hardened biker. But when they find a pleasurable medium in their relationship, everything comes crashing down when Tarren finds out she is pregnant.

Is Lucas ready to be an outlaw father?


KD JONES: It’s end of another very long and eventful year. With the start of a new year, a new chapter in my publishing life will begin. I am revising and updating my previous books with new covers and additions to them. Readers can look forward to seeing new books in the Katieran Prime and Galactic Cage Fighter series. Also, my new series Earth Evolution will have more editions added to it in 2015. Most importantly, I hope to have much more interaction between me and my readers in 2015. I wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Maggie James was sixteen years old when the Earth self-destructed. She’s spent the years since fighting to protect herself and the band of subway-dwelling misfits who took her in. Every day is a struggle to survive, and she’s seen the best and the worst of humanity. Hope seems lost until a tall, gorgeous hunk of a man from another world appears out of nowhere.

Captain Liam Estros a soldier for the Drastan Nation who has been sent to investigate a mayday call over five years old. Believing the detour a waste of time, he doesn’t take the hunt for survivors seriously until he’s captured and taken hostage by a small human woman.

In a world torn asunder by ignorance and violence, some will always revel in the chaos, preying on those just trying to survive. Heroes will rise from the ashes, and hope will come from the stars. Two hearts and two species. They must both overcome terrible odds to find love in desolation.


REBECCA JOYCE: The year 2015 is going to be interesting to say the least for me. With the continuation of the Men of Treasure Cove and Celestial Nights, I have decided to throw a monkey wrench into these two towns that will change the face of them forever. Also, with the coming New Year, I also believe in fresh starts and have decided to dip my fingers into the Paranormal/Science Fiction realm…(Yes, can anyone say ‘Wow…Space Cowboys!’) Nothing is ever set in stone, and plans change but one thing will remain the same…I will still be writing books and doing what I love. As for everything else, only the universe knows, but I am excited to see what it has in store for me. 

Apollo Humperdinck is the beautiful, hulking Norse God of Celestial. He has a smokin’ hot body, the best club in town, two lovers that worship the ground he walks on. Oh, and his hair is finally growing back. His life is perfect and baring any complications, he will soon be re-elected as town Mayor.

Fairy Belltower and Helios Martinez love Apollo with all their hearts, but trying to contain the Norse God is next to impossible. That is until the Universe steps in and gives them the perfect opportunity to teach him a lesson in humility.

When Apollo puts his foot in his mouth at a mayoral town hall meeting, Helios and Fairy are determined to help Apollo fix his image, even if that means making him the laughing stock of the town. As the election looms, Apollo is set loose on the town, and Goddess help them all, because when Apollo gets motivated, there is a whole lotta’ Apollo goin’ on!


WILLOW BROOKE: Hello and thank you to the amazing Laurie for having me back!  The new year brings so many new chapters in both my personal life, and my professional.  While I will still be writing my normal series regularly, I am striving towards adding more genres and variety.  I have a new age contemporary series I am plotting out, along with continuing my new age western series, Southern Bred.  There might be some thought about adding in a few rougher areas such as MC and other bad ass heroes to make your toes curl and your mouth water… ;) I am currently working on the second book in the Southern Bred series as we speak, and promise to get another Twisted Fate out some day haha.  The boys of Breaking Protocol are demanding bigger and even more exciting missions and twists to their series.  (Dang demanding soldiers…) Thank you so much for having me again, and have a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

In book five of Breaking Protocol: The team is finally able to spend the holidays at home together. They even end up using their covert training to bring a Christmas Eve surprise to one of their own.

Vince finds himself in a sexy male love triangle, forced to either choose a side or risk losing the love he’s searched so long for. While Hulk, Violet, and Kodiak plan for the future, turning up the heat in a decision that will change their life forever.

Pop fights his past and tries to put the demons to rest so he can move on. And Dom and Vice heat things up with an intensity that’s too hot to handle. As Michael makes a huge decision that affects them all.

A Hoorah Christmas on the ranch shows why the blood, sweat, and tears the team puts forth in missions makes it so worthwhile. It is done for love, happiness, and most of all—family.


ERIKA REED: I can’t believe this year has come and gone. For me, this has been another thrilling and eventful year that I fondly can look back at and be thankful for. I look forward to a new promising year with so many exciting new stories for my readers and a few surprises along the way I will unveil throughout the year. I want to thank all my friends and readers for making this year yet another special one. I want to wish you all a prosperous and healthy New Year.

Five years after running away from the man she loved, Peyton Montgomery is coming home.

With nowhere to live, no money in the bank, and still stinging from being served her divorce papers, Peyton is returning to help her mother care for her father after a heart attack. Being back means eventually she’ll run into the man that broke her heart and ruined her for anyone else. When they do cross paths, Peyton soon discovers she wasn’t the only one that lost so much after she left.

Because of one drunken mistake, Jackson Holt lost the woman he loved. Now he has a second chance at mending the relationship he once had with Peyton, but he has a confession he needs to get off his chest before they both can move forward and claim the life and the love they lost the night Peyton left.


CATALINA HARPER: New Year always comes with resolutions, plans for the future. Writers make resolutions every time they look at the upcoming year but we call them to-do lists. ;) On my epically long to-do list for 2015, I plan to bring everyone some hopefully entertaining reads. First on my list for the new year will be the release of the first novel in the Paragons series, whose excerpt you can find below. It is a sci-fi romance between an adventurous heroine and a hero who is a rough and tumble veteran of an intergalactic war. Also, I am taking part in an anthology with a lovely group of authors - my piece is tentatively called Wonderland. I hope you all look for His to Protect, A Novel of the Paragons in January 2015. 
The intergalactic war may have ended a decade ago but the future of humanity is far from secure. A former ally protects all human females, even from the men who seek to claim them. An test is needed to take a woman but death awaits the unlucky man who fails it.

Deacon has spent his last bit of credit to get to the alien world of Grekin to fight for his right to claim a woman. Caretaker of his four battle brothers, he needs a wife for the coin and social position he needs to obtain them a more gentile home in the vast universe. He doesn’t expect that woman to be a hell cat bent on driving him insane. 

Cheyenne longs for adventure more than anything though the ideal male companion to accompany her would not be amiss. Deacon may be just what she’s looking for in a male but his overprotective streak threatens to end her fun before it begins. Little does she know, love may be the only adventure she could ever need as she becomes His to Protect.

KALI ARGENT: Last year, I wrote this awesome list of all the things I was “going to accomplish,” but life had other plans. I’m vowing to make this year different, though. That’s me, setting goals and achieving them. I just wrapped up 3013: Mended, book 6 in the 3013 series, which is releasing in just a few days. Squee!! Timeless, the first book in separate sci-fi romance series, Pandora, is scheduled to release at the end of January. The second Preludes short is on my calendar for February, and March will see the release of a top secret and super awesome project. No, I can’t tell you. It’s a secret. I’m also hoping there will time in there to complete the first book in a new paranormal series that’s been bouncing around my head. I’m exhausted already, and that’s just the spring lineup. Please excuse me, I may need a nap. *wink*

Deep in the fortress of Pandora, Lieutenant Vane Schiva has spent millennium guarding precious artifacts and ancient secrets from around the universe. As the son of a decorated commander, he has always been a soldier first, putting the needs of his people before his own desires. So when the compound is breached and he’s sent across the galaxies to track down the thief, he never imagined the assignment would lead him to the only thing he’s ever wanted for himself.

Growing up in New Orleans, Charlotte Rousseau has seen her share of the strange and unexplainable, but everything she thought she knew about the world is about to be tested. What started as any other day, quickly spirals into a nightmarish reality, leaving her no choice but to place her trust—and her life—in a stranger’s hands. Safety comes at a price, though, and Charlotte soon realizes her only chance at survival means leaving behind her fears and following Vane into the fire.

Faced with the threat of war, new alliances are formed and old loyalties are tested in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. While emotions run high and sexual tensions simmer, Vane still guards a dangerous secret, one that could cost him everything in the end. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect Charlotte, though, even if that means turning his back on his own people.

War is easy. Love takes courage.

Coming January 28, 2015
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