Monday, November 12, 2018

Now Available...Again - Into the Dream!

The Dragons are back, baby!



Hi Everyone! I'm happy to announce that I have officially started re-releasing The Arcadians Series! INTO THE DREAM has been polished, edited, revised, and extended to around 81k, but ultimately, the heart of the story and the plot remain the same. 

For those of you who enjoyed the book when it was first released, I hope you find time to revisit Arcadia and see what has been changed in Tynan, Cael, Ryder, and Allie's story. For any readers who are new to The Arcadians, if you love the Dragon Warriors in the 3013 Series, hopefully you will enjoy discovering what happened on their home world during the time they were punished by the gods, before they began traveling the stars again.

When a modern woman from Earth is transported to a world where animalistic warriors rule, anything can happen. Join me on the first adventure of The Arcadians...and escape INTO THE DREAM.

INTO THE ASHES will be re-released in 2019, along with the shiny new 3rd book in The Arcadians Series!

Allison Summers is having the mother of all bad days. As a surgeon, Allie is strong, smart, and confident, but as a woman, she still struggles to overcome a difficult past. She tries to make the best of her situation, though her life takes an unexpected turn when she is struck by lightning and finds herself transported to a strange, alien world.

Arcadian Princes Tynan, Cael, and Ryder Dracor have been searching for the mate who will complete their souls, but they fear that day will never come. Born in a world stripped of magic and out of favor with the gods, their very existence is in peril, though everything changes the moment a fair-haired goddess suddenly appears. They have no clue who she is or where she came from...but they immediately know she belongs to them.

When wills clash and legacies are unveiled, they discover more is at risk than just their hearts. Their love may be fated, but is it enough for Allie to forget everything she's ever known and truly embrace being an Arcadian?


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